Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver: Blue Team (Worst than Red Team)

Ok I honestly don't know how people got by in this game playing as this team. The damn game's controls in this department is utterly dismal.

Blue Team is about Drifting....and apparently doing some random obstacle course on a bike that has hops. The controls once again don't know what kind of physics to use and well suck. I know there will probably be some random person one day that searches through the net and see's this blog or my videos talking about this game and will probably comment with something like, "No you just suck at this game. There's nothing wrong with it. You're just making excuses about why you suck at it."

While I would say well then prove it. I don't care. Red team and Blue team make this game bad and like I said before. I wanted to play a racing game. Which this game is anything but a racing game. So my tolerance lasted till stage 3. The issue is the controls and the damn physics.  Not only that but I have to deal with the navigator scolding me for every time I fail. And compared to the other 3 teams this navigator is depressing.

"Blue I am your navigator. Not your teacher. I don't have time to teach you the basics!"
"That is not the way of Team Blue Blue!"
"Don't break the chain blue!"

While I know EA is hated as a game company. At least they know how to make a good racing game and should've been the ones to make this. Not WB.

The obstacle courses with the bike are doable but frustrating. Cause you have to be perfect I want to go fast so I can finish in a good time but I can't. If I go too fast I fall off and lose time. Not only that but the game doesn't put you back from where you fell off. Instead it puts you to the nearest platform where you landed. Sometimes not even there. So I guess if I want to get to a spot quickly I should just fall off and take a 10-15 second penalty. I know there's some sort of sport simillar to this but I bet the actual thing is a lot more fun than this load of crap.

The normal drift courses are doable. By Normal I mean ones that actually feel like races or driving on an actual track. THE ABSOLUTE WORST ONES involves you drifting on a vertical plane.  How do you drift on a vert ramp? I don't know. This is where physics decide to be real again teach you the laws of gravity.  Yeah you can drive up the wall and possibly be ok. Drifting....yeah no. The moment I hit the button to drift, 1 of 3 things happen.

  1. I fly off the ramp doing a 540 spin with my car only to crash cause I didn't land back on the ramp
  2. Gravity kicks in and I crash
  3. I land safely somehow but I don't have any points to show for my work.
Yeah between this and Red Team I had to rage quit and send this game back to Gamefly.