Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver - Red Team RAGE!!!

So aside from the company that made the music pissing me off with its claims on music that was once royalty free. Red Team was one of the things that just utterly pissed me off while playing.

As a member of Team Red. You have to show your skills off by doing stunts. Unforntunately the laws of physics are your enemy as well as the game itself. Not only do the controls suck but you're not given any leniency to figure this stuff out.

Types of Stages

I should point out that any time you fail, crash, whatever you call it. The game takes time from you.

  • Stunt Course: So like a skater's dream. You do tricks...except on whatever vehicle they give you. Yeah even a snow mobile....You're supposed to press Triangle and whatever direction on the analog stick to do tricks but it doesn't always work. I've only been able to get the guy to do a lazy boy or no hands. So I just combine that with spins. You're supposed to be able to do wheelies, and many other tricks but after trying so many different combinations. I got nothing but failures.
  • Obstacle Course: FUN! Remember the first stage of Wipeout! The TV Show not the game. Yeah you're doing that. You need to get around the whole course in a set time. Every time you well get hurt you lose time. Not only time from failing but they take extra time from you as well. The only thing fun about this is the sheer sudden lack of physics the bike and the rider have when thrown off the course.
  • Dirt Course: A downhill ride to the finish. But no you can't just finish as fast as possible. You gotta do tricks. 
  • Zero Gravity: Yeah you know that circus trick where you see some dude defying gravity by riding in circles in an enclosed area at a fast speed? (I've only seen it once at a circus). That's what you're doing. Except the game is trying to kill you. You're goal is stay at top speed and drive forever hoping you don't crash into anything. This is at least doable since you're not gonna get any sudden last second surprises.
  • Stunt Course (Car): Yeah its different when you're in a 2 Ton metal death trap as opposed to a motor bike or whatever.  You can't do some crazy trick. The most you can do is a wheelie, ride the loop, Try to spin. yeah.
So I ended up rage quitting at Stage 3. Not only was my capture card acting up. But I was just so fed up with the game I said enough is enough. I wanted to play a racing game and this was anything but a racing game. 

"Um Red Driver. If I have to find someone else to do this I will." 
Me: Well go ahead cause I quit. I'm tired of getting virtual injuries and my self-esteem getting put down cause of your crappy physics and controls. I'm going to play a good racing game!