Saturday, February 20, 2016

Legend of Kay Anniversary: Day 1

So lets talk about this game.

I can already tell you I'm gonna hear so many comments about the voice acting being crap. Cause that's generally the first comments I see on my videos typically. I can change the language but no not to the supposed superior over-glorified Japanese language. I can only change it to French, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian.  While I do understand a little Spanish. I don't wanna play my videogame in a language I don't understand if I can help it. The only reason my Zestiria playthrough was in Japanese was for the viewers. Lucky for them I already listened to virutually the entire game in English by someone who DOESN'T DROWN OUT THE GAME WITH COMMENTARY!

So let's get out of that.

My first thoughts are...this feels a lot like Zelda. Although a lot of games feel that way. Brave Fencer Musashi, Megaman Legends, Threads of Fate. So I guess I should say this is an adventure platforming game.

It doesn't really do anything insanely different. You got a lifebar, you have different fighting moves, you go around doing busy work for other people that are too helpless to do it themselves for very little reward. And there's some sort of evil dictator, god, demon, whatever taking over the world and you're the world's only hope. So yeah its just my typical Monday for me.

First thing I noticed is I like how parts of the story are done in comic book style. Games should do that more often. It would at least avoid complaints from some people that always talk about how character 3D models have a default face. Whatever that is.

So I'm a cat....hmmm...something wrong here. I should be mole. Not a cat. And this world of cats is being taken over by....hold on...

Google Search: How to not sound racist when explaining something

Sorry but to explain the animal races. I had to, you'll see why. Anyway this paradise is being taken over by Rats and Gorillas. Avoiding the obvious here that's rather...unique. I never expected rats and gorilla's not only working together. But putting cats into subjugation. I should note that I generally hate cats...or to be more specific Cat Girls.

Cat girls for the most part are always stereotyped to be some overly sexual female that wants to get in the main character's pants. Not only that but there clothing is hardly appropriate but gets a pass, They're practically invincible, and have some plan to try and get rid of every other female character in the game/show. And then if you piss one off they make you regret it and make you feel bad even if they deserved it. I seriously hate Cat girls. At least this kind of Cat Girl.

Well thankfully I didn't see any of that. Instead we have the rare breaking stereotype cat girl. Who's tough and actually wants to do something about our problems.

I broke into a tangent again. So Rats and Gorillas that's an unexpected combination. The rats are generally crafty or assholes. While the Gorillas are your big strong brutes that are also...well assholes. Now I'm not exactly fond of fighting against rats, after all there's a lot of cool rats out there.

  • Splinter from Ninja Turtles
  • Twitch from League of Legends
  • Gary the Rat
  • Nidoran (Is it a rat?)
And well I'm a mole...I'm kinda related to the rat family. (And then there's some people that call my character a rat cause of the way he's drawn. ITS HARD TO DRAW! I DON'T WANT HIM LOOKING LIKE A DUMB CARTOONY MOLE OKAY!!!)

But I do have a bit of a vendetta against gorillas. Especially after playing Tales of Zestiria.  When I faced them I was caught off guard that they made an actual gorilla monster. Well what's worse is that if you don't kill these guys right away. They'll kill you. They start spamming some attack that rains arrows all on the screen and you can't dodge it. You can barely block it. And they'll keep doing this till you die or they die. Then there's DK. I'm so sick of him in so many ways he needs to be put in his place big time. Dude is always laughing at my failed attempts of beating him. I shouldn't have rescued you twice from K.Rool!!! I should've just left you there! 

And the Gorillas on this game are assholes. So I really don't mind kicking there ass when I get a chance to.  I'm sure whatever happens they'll get what they deserve. 

Ok on with the story.  So Kay's master is some drunk cat. He's the only one that can teach you how to fight cause every other cat is pretty much content with being ruled over and oppressed. If it was my cat he would've spoke up and fought back till someone throws a shoe at him...or gives him food. 
Yeah this drunk cat...I hate drunks by the way. Knows how to fight. But doesn't really teach you much. He generally teaches you the basics. Tells you that a long time ago Cats kicked ass and lived in a paradise. Meanwhile at the same time we have this cat girl who actually broke the stereotype I mentioned. She says the master is old and fails at life then begs Kay to come with her to get rid of the rats and gorillas. Well Kay tells her he's the only one that can teach him how to fight. And well Kay pretty much gets told that he fails at life too before she leaves. 

So now after some training I'm off running errands for people. This girl lost 3 of her pumpkins and she needs them, probably to sell or something. Well ok...that makes sense...until I walk into her house and discover that she has well over 30 pumpkins lying around. WHAT THE HELL?! You could just walk back into your house get 3 more pumpkins and your problem is solved. But no you gotta send me to the area where you lost them which is dangerous by the way. To retrieve them....

Well I couldn't just walk outside the fence and just pick them up. I have to another part of everyone's favorite fetch quest. The gate guard wants a banana or he's not gonna let me pass. So let's get that banana. Now outside the fence. The pumpkins weren't marked with the obvious "hey look over here stupid" marking. I had to actually look. So after I found the 3rd one...the asshole rats decide to close the gate on me. Cause something dangerous is coming. It's a boar and he seems to be mind controlled?  I dunno. Well where's the rats to come and well help me? It's obvious what's going on here and the story hasn't revealed it yet. So after escaping the boar. I have the pumpkins...I deserve a better reward than this though. I put my life on line here.

Well after some more exploring and tutorial I find that I can actually ride boars. Well kinda silly. And I expect there will be a bunch of obstacle courses involving this. You basically have little control over your ride. And to keep your ride happy you gotta keep eating the food scattered about. But if you crash into a wall or your boar is unhappy. Well your ride's over. Too bad you don't get thrown off like in Final Fantasy 13. 

One more training session. Now the master fights me for real??? The combat feels very Zelda-ish (I should stop comparing that) except I CAN JUMP! Something that Link...can't really do. He could do it on the handheld Zelda games...but the others...nope...So after a fight with the master well I guess we're a full-fledged fighter now?

Well too bad the end of the day is ruined by assholes. The rats, gorillas, and one cat who decides to be an asshole shows up and says that the fighting dojo has been suspected of training people to fight against the gorillas and rats. It must be shut down. Really they're doing it cause they want to drill in the well in the corner and needed an excuse. Well Kay speaks up...except it doesn't work...Well I can see already who needs to be smacked in the head a few times.  Thankfully the master steps in and stops the whole thing but Kay doesn't like what's happening.

So at the end Kay sneaks into the dojo to steal a sword in a sort of Mulan style. Then he runs off.  

I'm trying not to spoil everything but summarize it enough. And this is only chapter 1. I'll get to chapter 2 soon.