Monday, February 8, 2016

Skylanders Superchargers - Dread Roller, Turbo Teeth, & Wreck-O-Saurus N...

Nightmare Difficulty

Skylander: Shark-Shooter Terrafin

Supercharger:  Shark Tank

Songs: Dragon's Lair (Sonic and the Black Knight)

Marverick Appears (Megaman X8)

Maverick Boss (Megaman Maverick Hunter X)

Blaze Heatnix Stage (Megaman X6)


Stormblade/Sky Slicer - Buzz Missions (If I can ever get a working Sky Slicer -_-)

Pain in the butt stage. Those killer minions that like to attach themselves to your car. Pretty much death in Nightmare Mode.

I'm more trying to farm for repairs and shield regens to stay alive. Thankfully Shark Tank is built like a tank and actually has escape methods.  Hot Streak has no armor and doesn't exactly survive or do enough damage.