Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tales Of Zestiria - Dead Kids And Ruins

Despite my External HD being crap. I had to resort to using my 8 gig USB which doesn't give me a lot of time to record. Barely an hour before I'm forced to stop. Anyway

Well this was easy...guess that's what happens after you train.

Malevolent Crucible - Lilah
UGH!!! You have no idea how I hate Lilah.  Freakin Pascal Syndrome. What I mean is. Just like Pascal in Tales of Graces, Here spells are pretty much centered on her position. She has very few spells that actually target the enemy. Not only that but casting time sucks horribly in this game. I know I know combo into a spell. But that's rather dumb IMO.  If I wanna use a spell then I shouldn't have to swat at the air and then cast a spell hoping I get it out cause its still slow. I think what's worse about Lilah is fact that her attacks have this Amane Nishiki (Blazblue) thing going on for certain moves. I have attacks to go above the enemy's head and I go WTF.  Also I'm starting to notice a trend with these crucibles. When it comes to the Seraphim its more like Tales of Zestiria - You can't even!  

Forced solos are not my thing. Especially should you fail then its reload save. Could just kick the character out at 1 HP instead. 

Poor kids. Getting tricked like that. They don't deserve such treatment.

Well these ruins are quite long. But at least the boss was lenient on attacking. Thought it was gonna be another die in one hit cause you have no business being here boss fight.