Monday, February 8, 2016

Tales of Zestiria - Ok I'm Lost

I pretty much had no idea where to go for a few hours. I finished the Earth ruins. So I'm busy wracking my brain as to how to get to the Wind Shrine. I thought for awhile. Ok I've been everywhere and can't possibly go to a certain spot for awhile cause it had that stupid Domain crap goin on. At least I thought that. So I went to where ever I remember an event happening. I stupidly climbed the mountain. That know the one with Edna's bro. Who happens to be a dragon. Yeah I went up there. I seriously didn't know that would trigger a fight. Game didn't even bother to stop me. 

Edna: You're here to fight my brother! I'm not helping!

I'm sorry sheesh. I didn't know. So lets keep exploring. It was only when I decided. Maybe Heldalf isn't at that one place that I finally figured out where to go.