Thursday, March 31, 2016

Real Talk: Toxic Association

I'm glad I cut off a lot of my association with some people. I went back to see one of this person's livestreams. And OMG he's worse than what he was last I remember. I understand he's younger than me. But OMG his attitude and thoughts were just absolutely toxic. Honestly I had to sit back away from the computer for a minute and go. "Wow I was like that once." Granted I'm not perfect in any way, shape, or form. But I do feel like I'm a much better person than I was in the past.

He was playing SO5 Japanese version and frustrated with losing a battle. I commented and he started commenting saying that it's a bad game and I'm bad for trying to defend it. When I wasn't even defending it. I was making a comparison to SO2 and SO3. But he wouldn't hear it. Instead he just jumped to conclusions and continued to bad mouth me. And anyone else for that matter. I would question how he has so many followers but who cares. I don't want any part of that kind of group.

Get this out the way right now. I don't care what his opinions are on the game. Cause they're not my opinions. We're all entitled to like whatever we want. He can badmouth me or whatever games I play all he wants. That's his opinion. Not like its gonna hurt me any. If it was a question of moral values we might have a discussion about that then but otherwise who cares. I just wanted watch and see what's going on see if things changed or not. And to spend some leisure time somewhere.

Anyway. Considering how his disposition is now. I'm glad to have cut off contact with him. I noticed that after I did so the games I played I felt a lot better about. And I actually played better than I have in a REALLY LONG TIME! I also have had less emotional problems (I still have them but not as badly as I used to), and my focus is a lot better than what it was.

Seriously cutting them off was the best thing I could've ever done. So I just want to say this to people out there. If you have certain problems. Look at your environment and who you associate with. Try just not being around that person or people for awhile. Like take a vacation without seeing them. Take a look at yourself. If you come back to that association. See if it was bad or good for you.
If that person I'm talking about comes across this post. Hey he/she/it embarrassed there selves. At least from my point of view.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD -Thunder Plains Ruins Cave 1

A rather annoying cave. Returning to the place where you found Cid. You can now explore this dungeon. EQUIP NO ENCOUNTERS FOR AN EASIER TIME! If you don't have No Encounters grab a pen and paper. Time for some math. And ask yourself why you want this to be harder than it is. 

The Cave here is blocked systematically. Each wall has a number you need to figure out To figure it out the password for the next wall.
The answers could come via a set few ways. 

- Number Of The Answer Of A Particular Wall
- Given
- Amount Of Gil Gained From One Point To Another (If you have No Encounter, It's always 0)
- Number Of Battle Fought (If you have No Encounter, It's always 0)
- Add Numbers Together And These Numbers Could Come From The Above Ways

If you haven't been writting down the numbers you may be in luck. You could get lucky. Every door you open will have chest appear. Depending on which one you open you're either given a hint for the next wall or it just automatically opens. Hopefully you get the later but seriously write these numbers down.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Mi'hen Ruins

Well the chocobos finally discovered the Mi'Hen Ruins. Time to explore.
This dungeon can be short or long but one thing to note is that you should turn off No Encounters. You're gonna need to fight the fiends here not just for the oversoul of monsters but for the bombs as well. The walls around here breakable. You need the bombs, S, M, and L. to break them down. You can get these easily by defeating the fiends here. Some of the walls are actually fiends. Others have treasure. Best to use a map to figure out how to navigate this place fast.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

KI Performance Test - Verdict is a Big NO

Downloaded it (21 fucking GIGS).  Did a performance test. Wow...epic fail.  I knew it was the graphics card. I should've remember since the day I tried Sonic Generations. 

Well I have to pass on this game. Buying a new Graphics Card is pretty much...ugh at this point. I don't make enough Ad Revenue to pay for one.  Many other priorities come first.  And since I'm at an all time low in Youtube, views, ad rev, etc. Yeah I have a better chance at winning EVO after being a late entry. 

Next Game I suppose.

UMK3 and NBA Hangtime in the same Universe!!!

So if you happen to enter the Rooftop Court code in NBA Hangtime (Hold Left and press Turbo twice.).  You of course get the Rooftop Stage. What isn't really noticable is that if you happen to do a high enough Dunk. You'll notice a strange vortex in the sky.  That very same Vortex is in UMK3's Rooftop and Street Stage.

So while there's a 2v2 NBA Game going on. Shang Tsung is killing people on the other side of the city?  Is Shao Kahn also attending these NBA Games? Maybe that's why he's so pissed.  And Maybe Chameleon/Reptile/Khameleon is the reason why all my 3's keep missing! Both games are made by Midway so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise.

Midway you sneaky bastards.

Diddy Kong Racing - Wizpig 1

So finally here. 

Another BS boss race. No balloons. Just you, him, and zippers.  You have to hit every zipper. And get the highest boost you can off each one. You can't fall off the track or you're never catching him. He can step on you and well might as well restart there too. You could do this race perfect and never catch him.  If you have T.T. use em.  T.T. breaks the game here. They say a lightweight like Pipsy can do it. But you're facing a frustrating race. You need top speed desperately. 

Well that's the end of this part. Now for part 2.  

Skylanders Superchargers Racing Edition: (Wii) - The Nefarious Tour

This plays a bit different from the normal version of the the game. Not only that but this plays different from the game as a whole. All races here are Sea races.  Spellslamzer is not in this version as a playable character. Upon defeating one of the villains in a race you are able to play as said villain.

Songs Used:

Windmill Village - Sonic Rush Adventure

Plant Kingdom

Boss Clear

White Space Time Chemical Plant - Sonic Generations

Chemical Plant Modern

White Space Time Seaside Hill

Seaside Hill Classic

White Space Time - Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run Modern

Tropical Resort Classic - Sonic Generations 3DS

Tropical Resort Modern

Asteroid Coaster Map - Sonic Colors

Asteroid Coaster Act 1

I only did half of it (add songs). I didn't feel like doing the entire game since there's no one who volunteered any suggestions for songs. So the 2nd half is the in-game default music.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Important Chest Finding

These are some rather important chest to make note of. If you want to have everything best to check these places I missed earlier

  • -Mushroom Rock Road: Back at the elevator there's a chest containing the Machina Booster Key Item. To give Rikku's ultimate Dressphere Machina Maw its last few abilities.
  • -Mi'Hen Highroad Only accessible via chocobo.  You need to stand at the very edge of the cliff and wait there. When the option appears jump down. The Victor Primoris is for Paine's ultimate dressphere's last few abilities.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Dragon Forest

Bane of my Existence when it comes to Silver Coin Challenge.

  • Windmill Plains - Simple Plane stage. Easy to just go under the windmills and grab whatever. Just don't hit the windmills. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge - Just 2 Coins that are off the beaten path. Hard to see and harder to grab sometimes. 
  • Greenwood Village - Can be hateful if the AI gets a huge lead cause its hard to get back.  Can drop down the well for some easy bananas and a easy zipper. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  Prepare to lose and restart tons of times cause the coins are all off the beaten path. The worst being at the fork near the end of the track. No boost to make up for lost time. 
  • Boulder Canyon - Easy and fun to take advantage of the drawbridge gimmick. Hop to hit the bell and raise the drawbridge. Anyone not across when it goes up has to take the long way around. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Nothing too notable. The Drawbridge makes it easy. 
  • Haunted Woods - Shortest and easiest track in the game. IMO. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Shortest and easiest track in the game.
  • Smokey Castle - Honestly if you don't have good handling. You might get a little frustrated. This is easy against the AI since they take forever to grab bananas. 
  • Smokey the Dragon - Don't hit the Windmill. If you do. Restart. 
  • 2nd Time: Don't Hit the Windmill. It's not that hard to deal with this guy. 

Diddy Kong Racing - Sherbert Island

I hate the boss here. Seriously I hate this guy.
  • Whale Bay - Easy cause none of the AI will take the shortcut where you jump off the whale on to the ship and cut across.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Not too much notable. 
  • Crescent Island - Easy to lose positions here. You can attempt to take the top part of the ship and drop down for a few more bannanas. But Prepare to lose a few spots.  If you can take the shortcut at the end perfectly you pretty much won.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: If you can keep up with the top 3 you're fine.
  • Pirate Lagoon - Very easy to lose speed and positions here cause of the sharp turns. The Hovercraft is bad at sharp turns. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: As if you didn't have it bad enough. Now you gotta deal with the Silver Coins being way out the way. 
  • Treasure Caves - Actually pretty easy. It's just a circle.  Just stay on the inside.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Only one coin can be an issue if you're not using power slides and your brakes. 
  • Darkwater Beach - Another kill everyone mission.  Just no real hiding spots. just grab level 2 missile's and shoot whoever's nearby. 
  • Bubbler the Octopus - Hate this guy. Hate this guy.  Do not tail gate this guy. Avoid being in his vicinity. If you're near him you're likely to run into a mine that he places. And you might as well restart if that happens. 
  • 2nd Time: Did I mention I hate this guy? Now it's worse. Instead of Mines its bubbles. You're gonna have to CAREFULLY MAKE  YOUR TURNS. Especially coming out the cave. It's way too easy to run into a bubble there. If you hit a bubble Restart cause you're never catching this guy. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Elder Drake

Oh joy this is quite a fight here. 
Elder Drake is definitely not a pushover for this point in the Via Infinito. It's best to challenge it when you're sure to get it in Oversoul that'll reduce its rate of attacking. In the Normal version you can simply overpower this guy using Catnip+Gunner.

HD and International...not that simple. You gotta work for it. Setup your defenses ASAP then attack it with everything you got. A good way to try and keep everyone alive is to have a warrior with Adamanitite constantly use Sentinel. That should stop the rate of your party dying too much...sorta. 

Make use of that Psychic dressphere and make yourself invincible. At least this is a strategy for early on. Later you should be able to take it down with ease.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cheap Decisions - Youtube Update/Game Follow Up End of March

Hey there how's it goin? Meh for me. Like I said I'm at an all time low for views, subs, and everything in between. I could look back at the reasons why and blame many things. But there's nothing to fix that. The damage has been done.

Would love more comments most I get is just stuff about the really old videos. Even request to play the same game all over again.

What You May Have Missed?

Found this on the Japanese PSN store. Was on sale and I had some left over yen on the account. This is a fun fighter. Not much else to say about it. I'm glad there's a good guide to reference for this game. I might do more. I'm not sure.

Another game I picked up on the Japanese PSN Store. Insanely hard to find copies of this and the sequel for cheap. I love 3D fighting games more than 2D. Definitely fun to play. Just still haven't got the true ending yet. Beating the game in less than 6 minutes is rather rough when the AI doesn't cooperate. There's always that one that just ruins your run.

Like the previous 2. On Japanese PSN Store. I looked at this game on youtube and thought it was somewhat interesting. Just shame that the game is just...well not good. It's passable. Just not good.

Now I see why people hate WB Games. Well one of the reasons. This game started out fun. Then got frustrating. Then got fun again. Then got dull and boring. I take one look at the boxart and think well this has some racing in it. No. It's just a bunch of challenge stages.  Really boring game to be honest. And the game can't decide when it wants to use real physics or cartoony physics.

Yeah this game got updates. Easy Mode, Hard Mode, Anthem Mode, many other modes. I've done most of them but others I haven't touched yet. I thought about streaming it but then again I just said...nevermind.

Well this is still in beta. But it's very fun for what it is. I'm still waiting on that controller support though. I can't exactly move around with the keyboard and mouse and expect to win. There's just too many commands. I rather have this on a controller.

Well like I said before its hard to acquire the extra stuff cause it's so expensive. I still have 2 other racing packs to go through. But can't afford them cause they cost the price of a 3DS game new. I know I got request before for certain skylanders but I can't really show them. Cause they're so expensive. I don't have the perks the other youtubers who play this game have. They get sent free stuff all the time. I don't. I have to buy it. There is a bit of jealousy there but that's how it is on my situation.

So I got off my butt and finished this game. Or really it was finished for a long time just no one cared to help with my request for this game. I said that music for this game is lackluster and borderline sucks. So I wanted anyone that watched and enjoy this game. To suggest other music that I could use. No one responded. So I just went ahead and put in whatever music I felt like.

Well this game did get an update but it's taking forever with it's updates. We're supposed to see 2 more playable characters. But really we only have well half of one. Torque is playable but only in time trials and only on certain stages. I really wish GalaxyTrail would well finish this. Instead of announcing that Freedom Planet 2 is now in the making.

Well I originally intended to finish this once I could afford a 3DS capture card. Cause I need one and it cost well over 500 bucks. (I checked.) The original guy who made them sold out and pretty much never opened again. And the only other place I found that sells it has it for such a high price I'd have to wait till Playstation 20 comes out to get it. See not only do I want a 3DS capture card but I also need a newer model 3DS. My current 3DS I bought it used and it shows how used it is. The battery dies way too quick. You could argue well just replace the battery but that's pointless. Cause the charging port looks like a dog chewed on it. So this thing barely charges if at all. I have to put it on a charging stand. And then I have to set it in a certain way so that the 3DS can actually charge.

Well this game was 5 bucks on PSN at the time. And it was one of the games I intended to play. Well I don't completely regret playing through this game. I do hate how this game has so many glitches. What you didn't see cause it was edited out, was that this game has a lot of glitches that make the game unwinnable. You could still play the game. But you're not going to the next level if you trigger one of the glitches. So this game took way longer than it should have. Still somewhat fun. I'm rather surprised no one complained about voice acting. But at the same time I guess none of the viewers cared for this game for one reason or another. I can only imagine the reasons.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends -

Glad I rented this game and not buy it. Cause this game well sucks. I don't know why games try to copy a different game's formula that works. And then turn around and modify it to make it not work. Not only did this game copy/paste the Smash Bros. Formula. It copied Smash Bros. character movesets. The items on the game made no sense. The AI was sometimes a complete idiot then other times it was EVO Quality matches. The music sucked and was generally non-existent. I think the icing on the cake was that even though this game has online play. The lobbies were empty. Scratch that there's no lobbies it's just find someone and play. And guess what. NO ONE WAS PLAYING THIS GAME! I saw Cyberman65 play an online match I got the game about 3 days after he uploaded a video on it. No one plays this game online.

Later I found a guy talking trash saying I don't know what I'm talking about. This game is great. It uses music from the actual movies. You have to be a fan of Kung Fu Panda to like this game. Rent the game again and I'll play you online and beat you. Yeah...I'm not renting this crap again. I am a fan of Kung Fu Panda but I'm not gonna grin and bear it when it comes to this game. The only reason this game was popular was the fact that it's suppose to tie over fans till Kung Fu Panda 3 comes out. Well instead of making the game like that. Instead how about take some of those huge profits Kung Fu Panda gets and make a better game.


This is a game from my own childhood that I enjoyed. It's not a basketball simulator like most other sports game. I hate that. I can't have fun in the game cause I'm stuck in a simulator. The last NBA game I played was 2K3. My cousin owned it. I tried it once. I hated every minute of it. Too many things to learn in the game. Not to mention rules. I have played an NBA game far worse than this but I don't want to dig up that horrible memory. Not yet.

Anyway I loved this game despite how difficult it can be. Great soundtrack despite how few songs there are. Easy to pick up and play. And I don't have to know every single player, statistic, or be forced into a simulation of whether or not my shot is good or not. Why can't there be more sports games like this? The one thing I didn't do however was beat all 29 NBA teams. This game was stolen from me as a kid. The thief got busted for it but I never got my games back. So that's what we're doing now. Also cause of March Madness why not. I don't watch Basketball but I do enjoy games that are FUN!

Well by the time you read or hear this. I'm done with the game. I think everyone knows what Diddy Kong Racing is. So I don't need to explain it. I did try a commentary and I'll never do that again. I doubt I'll do Adventure 2. Unless there's enough people that beg me to do it. Adventure 2 is hard. Not only are the tracks mirrored but the AI is harder the Silver Coins are in even worst places than before. I'm not really ready for that frustration.

So this game. Well its finish. Just not all the videos released yet. It's not 100% complete. I figured I'll just show the parts that you don't get to see from my first run. I think what bugs me the most is that the google+ group threw a cease and desist at me for telling people that the next part of the playthrough is up. I was posting videos on that group for years and then the moderator shows up out of no where and says my post was deleted cause its spam. It's the same image and many things like that.  That's honestly a load of horse **** and they know it. It pisses me off cause the person in charge is using the rules to his/her advantage and waited till now to enforce it. It makes me think that the moderator got pissed off that they were getting notifications daily from there group and never bothered to check it. Or that they go to there group and find that I'm the only one posting there. I hate it when people do this. 

Anyway this game is pretty much finished. I haven't decided if I'll do the Last Mission bit yet. I mean I'll do it. But I'm not sure if I'll do it right away. And for people asking for my save file for this game. Don't bother. You can't use it cause PSN blocks it. If you download another person's save of this game you can play using that file but you can't save your game. The only way to use another person's save is to hack the save file. And that's a big hassle for such an easy game. 

Yeah I stopped on this game for awhile. The reason was that I got really sick at the time and my External HD that used to save my recordings on pretty much died. Deleting and not saving a lot of recordings. I was also overworked and many other things. I'll get back to it and finish it. 

Honestly though. I think there's some force at work whenever I try to record this game. Something always seems to go wrong when I'm doing well on the playthrough forcing me to stop recording. 

Possible Future Purchases:

NDS Capture Card

 No not a 3DS Capture Card. A DS One. I have a lot of DS games I just haven't played or recorded cause well a lot of action is on the bottom screen. Also Webcam BS. Since it'll take forever to get a 3DS Capture card. Why not a DS one? I have games to play for it. Also it's far cheaper. 80 bucks. I don't want to use an Emulator since it's unreliable for certain games. That and 2nd screen problems as well.

Nintendo NFC Reader/Writer Accessory for the 3DS: Well I have an Amiibo. Only one. Bowser I figured why not use it in 3DS Smash bros and record matches of the Amiibo Fighting?  Since I don't have a newer model 3DS this can actually come in handy.

New PC Monitor

I've had this monitor for about 8 or 9 years. I'm noticing Dead pixels or something in the corner of it. Also it might die at some point. 

Skylanders Superchargers - Land and Sky Trophy's

I only want the trophy's I don't really want the Skylanders cause I have the ones I'm generally interested in. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Find the Amazing Chocobo

This is a rather confusing dungeon. Your goal here to open up all the doors so you can reach the Amazing Chocobo. Another goal is to find the AP Egg. But this maze is confusing. Considering what you can and can't climb. Another thing to note is that Ultima Weapon can be found here. So if you want to oversoul it now's the time to do so. However make note that it has a move to make itself invincible to all attacks and forces you to run away. Luckily you only need to see it oversoul and not defeat it.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake Mountain

Frustrating area to be sure. This is where you'll easily notice that the top 3 will be way ahead of the pack.  Rubberband AI? What is that? That doesn't exist here. 

  • Everfrost Peak - Simple but very easy to screw yourself. Avoid grabbing the magnet balloon if possible. You don't want to randomly attact a missle towards you for using it. Take the right split for the 2 Boost Balloons.  
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Gonna have to learn to make tight turns to effectively get all of them in one go. 
  • Walrus Cove - Keep on the inside at all cost. When you reach the fork take the left path and don't fall off. This will save you a lot of time. If you screw up...well watch yourself bounce on the Ice and well watch your 1st place drop down to 8th before you get mad and click restart.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Need to learn power sliding. and you're gonna have to take both forks. 
  • Snowball Valley - Evil course. For whatever reason taking the left fork is faster than the right. Beat the snow boulders going up hill and make sure to grab a boost on the last turn. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Prepare for frustration. Utter frustration. You gotta take both forks at least once. Then you need to go a bit off course to get the 2 coins on the hill with the boulders. Best to get one at a time each lap. Then you gotta win. Pray that the opponents aren't too far ahead after you get all 8.
  • Frosty Village: Take the inside turns. seriously. When you reach the actual forest part. Drive offroad and take the zippers. Cut across the track. Save a ton of time. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Well forget the shortcut. At least until the 2nd lap or so. You're gonna have to take the outside long routes to get your coins. And the last one before the finish line is difficult to grab without losing a ton of speed or positions. 
  • Icicle Pyramid: Vengence. Just wait at the top grabbing a lvl 2 missile. The AI will get stupid and run up there. The minute you see them shoot em down. 
  • Bluey the Walrus:  1st Time: Rather Simple. Just avoid turning too much so you don't slow down to a crawl in your hover.
  • 2nd Time: Keep up with him at all cost. If he gets too far ahead restart cause you're not catching this guy. 

Diddy Kong Racing - Dragon Forest (Commentary)

So I forcibly did a random commentary. Watch as this gets no real response. Yeah I'm beating myself up or whatever but I get sick and tired of people begging for commentary from me. I really can't stand commentary myself. I can't even stand listening to myself speak.  

I say commentary ruins the gameplay video as a whole. I don't want to focus on people talking on a gameplay I want to focus on the game. Can't even hope to find a commentary that doesn't make a dirty sex joke/comment every 5 minutes. Those videos might as well be video blogs. Or the appropriately named "Let's Drown Out" *insert game here*.  I can't listen to the good music or hope to hear what the characters are saying. Instead its covered by a random person talking about something generally unrelated to the game. Not only did this take way longer than it should due to being distracted. I'm not in the mood for it. No one to do the commentary with except people I don't even know.  

My sister? She left a long time ago. She's no longer interested in Skylanders, Sonic, Pokemon, etc. You can find her at school. Or on a mobile device playing a random dating simulator.  

So you can watch a condensed version of 3 hours of fuck ups and commentary fitted into an hour long video.

AVerMedia Game Capture HD 2

If people desperately want commentary from me. Then you'd have to help me get this. At least simplify the process of commentary instead of going through the process of Audacity, attempt to clean up the audio, sync it up. then edit out crap. At least this way I won't feel so forced when doing commentary. Otherwise no. Unless its incidental (where I can't prevent commentary) it's not happening. 

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Chocobo Hunting 3

Last little bit of chocobo hunting I swear. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Dino Domain

Well when it comes to this game there isn't really much to talk about. Seriously. How do you commentate or even talk about this? 

I will say this. And I'll probably piss off any, every, and all speedrunners of this game. Playing as T.T. from the VERY START OF THE GAME! Doesn't count as a speedrun to me. I've watched speedruns of this game before and all of them start with T.T. Yeah obvious reasons. He's arguably the best character of the game. But if you're starting a new game you should not have T.T. available. Unless your Speedrun category is "T.T. unlocked" I can't say that it's a legit speedrun.  Cause you gotta beat T.T.'s ghost times in every track to unlock him. Now if someone wants to argue that you can't erase him from your game once unlocked that's a lie as well.  Or I should say you're misinformed.  If you want to completely reset your game or any N64 game for that matter. All you have to do is Hold down the Start button when turning on your N64 with the game in it. You'll be asked if you want to erase your save. There you go now the game is as if it's fresh out the box. that's off my chest.

Okay so the story goes that Wizpig showed up on Timber's Island kicked Taj the Genie out of his position and took it over looking for someone to race against. Wizpig also somehow mind controlled the 4 guardians of the island to guard his amulet's.  Drumstick challenged Wizpig and ended up turned into a frog for challenging him. So its up to Diddy and friends who happen to be around to defeat Wizpig and help Timber get back his island. If you tried to pass this story off today it wouldn't work. Or really the mind control bit and the dialogue would be much different. 

Dino Domain the first area of the game.  Simple tracks...kinda to break you in. If there's one thing this game doesn't have is the so called Rubberband AI. (Where the AI either speeds up or slows down depending on your position in the race). It's more like No Mercy type AI.  There's times where the AI is the most godlike racer you've ever seen. You notice this especially during the Silver Coin Challenge and boss races. 

Ancient Lake - Simple track this track shape always seems to get used in racing games.  You can shoot the Dinosaur to get him to move faster or get him to get in the way of the other racers. 
Silver Coin Challenge: What Challenge?

Fossil Canyon - A nice shortcut if you take the Zipper over the small lake. Easy to screw up as well.
Silver Coin Challenge: You're gonna have to take paths that aren't optimal for you. No choice there. Also need to slow down enough so you turn to grab a silver coin after a hard left.

Jungle Falls - Don't run into the wall/bones or fall of the bridge.
Silver Coin Challenge: Easy to do here. Adventure 2 is a different story. 

Hot Top Volcano - Despite the AI not taking the best path or all the Zippers they're somehow still fast enough to catch you. Or outrace you.  
Silver Coin Challenge: What sucks is the Silver Coin Challenge forces you to take the worst path risking you to lose positions.

Tricky 1: Simple avoid anything fancy. There is a ...shortcut right after you pass the bushes. But you need at least a LVL 2 boost to make it even remotely beneficial. Just race as normal shooting Tricky with missiles and boosting pass him. He slows down when he's next to the finish line anyway. 

Tricky 2: A bit more....tricky.  This is where the game dicks you over. If you get crushed either by tricky or falling rocks. Restart. If Tricky's too far ahead. Restart. If you didn't get your starting boost. Restart. While Tricky still slows down right at the finish line. It's still tougher. 

Fire Mountain:  Frustrating. Gather 3 eggs and hatch them. Best way to go about it. Grab a missile. Maybe even a level 2 missile, Pick up an egg drop it on your area. Make sure it's on your area. If you're even a centimeter outside your area that egg is gone.  Wait for it to hatch. I suggest you land and just sit there. Then take off and grab another egg once it's hatched. The reason I say this. The minute you leave your hatching area and you have eggs that aren't hatched the AI will go after it and likely steal it from you. So wait there with a missile that says you come near my eggs and I'll blow you the **** up!

Taj Race: Land
Uh...simple...stupid, free balloon.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Chocobo Hunting 2

The hard part of the Chocobo Hunting. This method is to unlock various dungeons. 
There's a couple of areas you need to send chocobo's too. But the important ones is Mi'Hen Highroad and Calm Lands. 

Constantly send the chocobo's out to these areas fight about 7 or 8 battles and return. SAVE YOUR GAME then talk to Clasko. Make sure all chocobo's returned. If not soft reset and talk to him again. 
Once they're all back restore there Heart and send them back out again repeat.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Via Infinito 11-21

Boss for floor 20 Aranea
A super version of that spider you fought in the prologue. Pretty easy. BUT KINOC?! REALLY!!! Well he is unsent sooo yeah.

So It's a Thing to Claim Audio Content from Games Made over 20 years ago?

Well from the day I'm writing this.  This is the 2nd time this has happened this year. These are no longer completely bogus companies making false copyright claims.  These are now legit companies making claims.

Samurai Showdown IV - Music

Oh this is a great one. See the content being claimed was actually Haohmaru's theme. The company that claimed it was a music publishing company that represented a spanish rap group.

What actually happened is that this music group used Haohmaru's theme in one of there songs.

So I disputed that claim. Made message about it on Twitter and went to this group's YT channel since they had one. And left a message on there discussion board. Doubt anyone will see it but that's it up there.  I want to say its just a mistake and they probably didn't know.  But aren't publishers supposed to check this stuff before they give the ok on a CD?  The group heck the company can be sued for this. Or does copyright apply differently in another country?   The game was made back in 1994. So how do you claim a song for game made a company that still exists? 

I could see if it was a company that no longer exist. But then it would still be rather wrong. Especially since someone else could own the rights to it.  

The claim was later released a few days later but I still had to raise a fuss. 

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis) Starlight Zone claimed?!

It's a very old video of mine. Back when I playing Sonic Unleashed and did the DLC stages.  Now another legit company TMSAnime is claiming Starlight Zone? Sonic was made back in 1991. This game's well over 25 years old. And Sega clearly still exist as a company. I don't recall the music composer for this game giving away the rights to the song and I'm pretty sure Sega still owns it anyway. I looked this company up too and they exist. What did they use the song in some video of there's and now it's claimed as there own?  

This is beyond stupid and #WTFU just ain't gonna cut it. Before it was just random bogus companies making claims to get money. Now its LEGIT COMPANIES MOST BIG IN NAME AND INFLUENCE making these claims.  The worst part is that most of them aren't going to do jack squat but sit on there butts and say well that person is SoL. We'll just find our free advertisement some other way. That's what "insert youtuber here" gets for using our content. Capcom pretty much silenced my voice when I asked them about there copyright claims. Namco-Bandai has "Geniuses" working at there help desk to give you the run around. Square Enix pretty much says that they don't give a shit who you are and they're not gonna do anything about the claims unless you're an actual big named company. 

Honestly I'm afraid to use the song a friend gave to me as a gift that he himself created for me to use. It might get claimed too at this rate. That'll be an insult to him and to everyone involved. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Visiting Bevelle Via Infinito

Well in order to complete the Crimson Sphere quest this place is required. Via Infinito is a 100 floor dungeon.  You can't use no Encounters to avoid combat here.  There's some dangerous monsters here as well. The first 60 floors are pretty simple in terms of random encounters.

But you should keep wary of 2 monsters. The Mega Tonberry and the Elder Drake. Both are dangerous and can probably one shot you depending on your stats. There's others but those are around the last 20 floors of this place. Your level will amount to squat even at LVL 99. There's no save point aside from the entrance so you'll have to exit.  You can reenter to start from the last floor you left off on. There's a boss every 20th floor. We'll go over those later.

In terms of Shinra's creature creator there's quite a few to grab here depending on the floor you cleared.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Final Fantsy X-2 HD - Ch5 Chocobo Hunting 1

Well one of the somewhat important quest to finish. If you want an AP Egg. Chocobo Hunting. You need to hunt for chocobo's particulary bold class chocobos. But they also need to have the potential to reach Level 5. You can check this by talking to Clasko. But to catch a chocobo it's simillar to that of FF7. You need to take out all the monsters first and give the chocobo some gyshal greens. If you don't well the chocobo will randomly attack or run away. You don't want it to attack. They have killing potential.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Alt Paths to the Farplane

To get another Garment Grid.
To give a quick overview of the paths there's only a few gimmicks to make note of. 
The flames shouldn't be touched if you're burned 3 times you get sent back to the start. 
Every path is set. It's easy to get confused when it comes to platform hoping.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Cid the Kids are Grown Up Now

Well after rescuing Cid you find that he's belly aching. You also find Brother and Buddy talking about the Future of the Gullwings.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 To the Farplane

Alright time to travel to the final dungeon. Depending on the route you take determines what items you get and what bosses you may fight.

You can actually skip one of them if you're careful but you don't need to. 

Shiva: It's Shiva Ice attacks galore.  Only thing to worry about is Heavenly Strike which halves your current HP and MP. Can't be dodged either. The rest can be nullified or absorbed.

Magus Sisters: Need to take out at least one of them quickly.  There special attacks do damage based on your HP.  

Anima:  Well not as much as a threat as it was in days of old. But still. Don't fool around and end up on the wrong end of Oblivion. Actually that attack is rather weak too so.  LOL.  

Once you reach the bottom you find Leblanc & friends standing around.  You can continue to press onward or go finish some unfinished business you may have. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Final Fantsy X-2 HD - Ch5 Djose Complete + Mascot

Well this thing can be tough. But we're not leaving without that episode complete. So bring it on.

Experiment at max level is tough. You may want to double your HP if you can. Keep your HP max. If you haven't learned Annihilator then now's the time to do so. It's one of the best Blue Bullets in the game. So make sure the girls learn as this is the ONLY TIME YOU CAN LEARN THE MOVE! 
After its defeated. Episode Complete
Well not done guess what every area has episode complete now. Time to get the ultimate Dressphere. Mascot. Apparently fans hate this thing cause of furry costumes -_- whatever. It's still the best dressphere of the game. Time to make full use of it. 
Like many of the other dresspheres. These are unique depending on character.
Yuna deals with healing and buffs. 
Rikku deals with debuffs. 
Paine deals in status effects. 
All Mascot dresspheres have Ribbon ability as well. YAY!

Skylanders SuperChargers - Sea Action Racing Pack Part 1

I haven't done everything with this yet but there's not a whole lot.

This should've been DLC Content you could get as well instead of having more stuff to clutter your room.

So I bought the Sea Action Racing Pack and the Kaos Trophy awhile back. Thankfully it was on Skylanders Day. I sure as hell wasn't gonna pay 35+ bucks for such a small set. Seriously that's just too expensive for how little you get.

Sea Action Racing Pack Comes with:
  • Deep Dive Gill Grunt (SuperCharger Skylander)
  • Reef Ripper (Supercharger Vehicle)
  • Sea Trophy

Kaos Trophy

Kaos Trophy is exactly what it is.  That's it.  It's standard price is 8 or 9 bucks.  It's totally not worth it considering what it unlocks.

You unlock Kaos as a playable racer in Race Mode. He's a flying vehicle. Honestly he should be available as any vehicle. You also unlock Boss Race Mode. Race Grand Prix style featuring boss characters. I haven't even tried it yet.

Deep Dive Gill Grunt & Reef Ripper 

It's kinda uncomfortable playing as a character who used to be a long range shooter type to a short - mid range melee fighter. His movement abilities are a lot better though. It's also a pretty decent Melee character. He doesn't have much in the get of jail situation. But he does cover mobs pretty easily. If only this was a Musou Game.  The notable thing about him is that his Water Jetpack no longer requires recharging.  Thus making his mobility a lot better.

Torrent Tamer Path

This path focuses on his jetpack and tidal wave abilities.  His tidal wave moves have good enemy knockback.

Storm Summoner Path

Focuses on his Lightning Abilities.  However you don't have much abilities in jetpack mode. Also his Soul Gem ability is really all you need for lightning attacks IMO.


Instead of rushing in. Take out the weaker mobs while making your advance. The weaker ones should die pretty quick due to his damage. The remaining stronger ones will fall to Gill Grunt's stronger close range attacks. Make full use of his Soul Gem Ability as it covers most of the screen. It also helps a lot if you have the Portal Master ability for Water Type Skylanders to randomly freeze there enemies on hit.

Reef Ripper

Reef Ripper is a water vehicle meant for speed. Having a decent firing rate and great amount of acceleration. It suffers in armor and damage.  It's pretty easy to pull ahead of the pack. However defending yourself or trying to retake a position can get difficult. The most you have to defend yourself is the "Electrify the Tail" attack. If someone's riding your to speak (I'd say a different phrase but well...) you can spam this to hopefully get them off you. If not diving is your only other option. It's kind of a blessing considering I have Dive Bomber which is the opposite of Reef Ripper in terms of abilities.

Sea Trophy

Unlocks the 2 locked tracks that are locked in Race Mode as well as mirrored tracks.  You actually need this trophy as well to complete certain Skylanders' Supercharger Challenges. -_-  In otherwords if you were thinking, "I'll just get the character and vehicle. I don't care for the trophy." Well you have to deal with this paywall. (assuming you do the Supercharger Challenges)

2 Unlocked Tracks. 

Tropic Plunder

This track is very familiar when compared to the Wii versions (Skylanders SuperChargers Racing). Except this version has quite a bit more to it. Also looks better (That's a given -_-).

The Golden Temple

This track isn't on the Wii Version as far as I know. It's pretty easy even with the traps. Just a rather aesthetic track than anything.

Boss Pursuit

You face down 4 bosses in a boss style race. You kinda know all of them from previous games. I don't know one of them however. You'll need to make sure you have at least 1 star in every track to face the bosses. The fights are easy. Just defeat the boss before the race is complete. My only suggestion is to make sure they're always slightly ahead of you so you can keep shooting them. Once defeated you can play as them in race mode.

Spellslamzer - I like how his attacks have great homing ability on them.

Mesmerelda - Haven't used yet

Capt. Frightbeard - Haven't Used Yet

Golden Queen - I like her defensive ability. It reduces the damage she takes and attacks opponents she runs into.

What's left to do:

  • The rest of the Sea Races
  • Play as all the bosses at least once
  • Do a Grand Prix for Sea Races
  • Boss Grand Prix

What's left to acquire

  • Land Action Racing Pack: To be honest I only want the trophy as my sister likes using Trigger Happy. It's also way too much money. The only land vehicle/skylander I'm somewhat interested in is either Thump Truck(Smash Hit) or Burn Cycle (Lava Lance Erupter)
  • Sky Action Racing Pack: I only want the trophy here as well. I have 3 Sky Vehicles already (2 if you remove the Nintendo exclusive one). If I had any interest in a vehicle/skylander in this area it would be Buzz Wing (Thrillepede)
However this cost quite a bit of money. So it takes time to get these. I can't just purchase these right away. If you want to help or support me then it's your choice. Most I can say is turn off adblock and watch my videos. But I understand the situation of people in this regard. 

GoGigantic Beta - I need Controller Support

Sign up for the Beta here @:

This game is available for Windows 10 and Xbox One. 

I actually had the beta for awhile. Just didn't find the time to play it. Been really tired and what not. Also apparently I wasn't allowed to show the game or talk about it till a few weeks ago when it was approved. But it's still a closed Beta.

Already Got A Leg Up On DotA, LoL, etc. For Me

Anyway trying out the beta. I like this game. I like a lot more than League of Legends, DotA2, Heroes, whatever. For one reason. It's not an overhead view with tons of clicking. While I don't mind this in the other games. It's still annoying that I feel like I'm playing Diablo and have generally no understanding of how abilities, items, and everything else works. I really can't stand it when those games get to the point of having so much terminology that I require a dictionary to sit next to me explaining WTF everyone is saying.  It probably exist in this game too but from what I see its far simpler to understand.

The Look of the Game.

I like the character designs. Considering my graphics card and everything else this game runs pretty good. Nothing looks too awkward. I really wanna play as certain characters considering there design. At the same time. I would totally get behind this game if I got put in it lol even as a skin. I'd never leave this game.  The environment is nice and the gameplay runs smooth.

I like this GUI.  It's not cluttered with Crap


Music....uh....lack there of. I think there is some music in this game but I hardly hear it. So that's a gripe. I don't understand why in MOBA games is the music always so low.  Music is what keeps me going in games. If the music sucks or there's lack of music I don't really stick to the game for as long as I'd like to.  Just ask "Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends". That game used tracks from various movies (or so I've been told) but not only was the volume low on some stages, it just didn't fit the game. The sound effects are pretty standard and I don't think the characters have voices yet. It is still a beta.

Controller Support PLZ

Controls. My current biggest if not only gripe with this game. While the controls are decent....if you like playing FPS games using a Keyboard and Mouse you shouldn't have a problem. Well I do.  This game is supposed to come to XboxOne as well. I don't own an XboxOne and likely won't anytime soon.  But I tried using a controller and well nothing. My Gamepad for the PC is a Saitek Rumble P3200. Which is designed for Xbox 360.  It's kinda old but it works and it has a great feel to it. And the Xbox button still works.  So it's still supported.  And it works on other games. (thank god cause there's no way I'd play Azure Striker Gunvolt using a keyboard).

What I'm saying is...there's no controller support yet.  If this played like the other MOBA games where you click on whatever you want to kill and your character does it then no problem.  But I do have an issue using my mouse as a camera, and attacking while I use the keyboard for movement, running, and attacking.  It feels awkward to me. Maybe if the game was just Keyboard on its own or mouse on its own. I wouldn't mind, but no controller support still bugs me.

Slightly Confused????

Well the other thing that kinda bothers me cause its not explained in the tutorial very well. Is the purpose of this game. Or really the goal.  From what I guess I'm obviously supposed to kill anyone that's an enemy. But more importantly gather these power crystals so that my big monster guy that I guess I'm protecting or being led by can go kill the other big monster guy.  And then while its weakened I go in for a killing blow. Apparently I do this 3 times and win?  I don't really know. I don't want to play an actual match yet till I have controller support.

More on Characters

Well I can't really say much more from the 30 minutes I've put into the game so far. The leveling system is like Heroes of the Storm. Where if you level up you can choose what ability you want to upgrade and how you want to upgrade it. As well as throwing in some passive skills. I like this method far more than say League of Legends where characters have the same abilities all the time and there's not much in terms of upgrading. What I mean is your abilities have different paths so you don't have to be stale in your ability uses every game. You can change it up to fit your play style and situation.

League of Legends as a comparison...well you get the same abilities and they only upgrade in terms of attack power, range, cooldown, duration. The only way to sorta change how an ability works is with items that you buy. While Gigantic is somewhat the same way. At least there's more to guess and learn to deal with when in combat.

Just 2 of the many characters I already like seeing this game from day 1 streams.

Things I'm hoping for when the actual game is made

  1. Controller Support - I know this is a given but the sooner this happens the better. It's too awkward for me to play using a keyboard and mouse.  
  2. More Characters - I like the roster the way it is now. But I love to see what other crazy characters they can come up with. (and seriously I'd throw everything behind this game if I was made into the game...although the same can be said of any game). 
  3. Music - Yeah I don't know about other people in MOBA games. But I would love some music. Maybe there's very little music so you focus on the game and what's going on but still. 
  4. A Single Player Mode - This might be a bit much to ask for but that would be cool to have a single player mode with a thrown together story. Would help me a lot in terms of learning the game. 
  5. This doesn't really count but let my screen recorder recognize this game so it can record properly.  GET TO WORK PLAY CLAW 5!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ultimate Machina Challenge

Well at Djose the Al Bhed have made what they called the Ultimate Machina. They want the girls to fight it. Well you beat the crap out of it and they'll tell you that it's not at its strongest yet. In order to make this thing at its strongest. You need to farm for parts at Bikanel desert. It's strongest will have its stats at LVL 5. 
You can check by talking to the guy. But in order to fight this thing again. You need to bring them Repair manuals. There's 5 in total scattered throughout Spira. 

• 1st manual – Visit the upper floor of Djose Temple. An Al Bhed man will ask you for a password. That password is MARNELA, named after the matriarch of the Cactuars at Bikanel Desert. Once the password is given, he'll give you the manual.

• 2nd manual – Obtained from a man sitting in the room to the left of the stairs in Djose Temple.

• 3rd manual – Walk to the right of the temple entrance and you'll find three monkeys in a circle. Stand between the monkeys and wait for all three of them to jump at the same time. Press the X button and you'll receive the manual.

• 4th manual – Examine the Machina to the left of the crowd of people at the northern part of Mi'ihen Highroad.

• 5th manual – Found in a treasure chest at the Ruin Depths beneath the Chocobo Stables in the Calm Lands.

If you didn't get it at its full potential by the 5th time its repaired. Well episode concluded. You want it at max power so you can learn a Blue Bullet. But we'll go over that in the next part.

Blazblue ChronoPhantasma Extend - Astral Combo Hidden Rule

Pretty sure everyone figured this out or just doesn't care. 
While you can combo into your Astral Heat (depending on character) there is a situation where you can't combo into an astral. 

If you just lowered your Opponent's HP down to 35% or less. You won't be able to immediately end your combo with an Astral. Instead you will have to wait on your combo to end. Would be rather unfair if you or your opponent pulled a long combo without using meter then suddenly kill you with an astral. Be awesome to see but unfair.

However if you already met the HP condition. You can combo to get your heat up to 100% and perform it that way. 

I think in CT and CS you could combo into astral the minute you met the conditions even during a combo I'm not sure. Been awhile.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Bikanel Complete

Ready for an actual tough boss? Well too bad you want that episode complete you gotta fight it. 

Angra Mainyu is definitely not a pushover. 
First if you've been damaging it in the early chapters when it challenged you that can make things easier. 

Second there's 3 parts to this boss. Tawrich and Zarich need to be attacked. One possesses magic attacks that can be reflected. The other uses physical attacks however they both possess attacks that lower stats. There's not much of a way to recover from having your stats lowered other than dying. These things need to be taken down ASAP. 

Angra Mainyu has its own set of attacks that can hurt. Keep yourself fully healed. The typical way is use 2 Dark Knights and one Alchemist. The Dark Knights use Darkness while the Alchemist heals everyone with Mega Potions, Elixirs, and Megalixirs. 
This thing eats up a lot of HP so it'll take awhile. 

After the battle is over return here back to the Cactuar Nation to give Marnela tribute. Episode complete.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Bikanel The Last Cactuar

The last Cactuar being in a dungeon. This dungeon is great for getting AP and EXP. But dear god the the Cactuar minigame here is complete and utter BS. Oh well at least you don't have to win...unless you want the Garment grid.