Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cheap Decisions - Youtube Update/Game Follow Up End of March

Hey there how's it goin? Meh for me. Like I said I'm at an all time low for views, subs, and everything in between. I could look back at the reasons why and blame many things. But there's nothing to fix that. The damage has been done.

Would love more comments most I get is just stuff about the really old videos. Even request to play the same game all over again.

What You May Have Missed?

Found this on the Japanese PSN store. Was on sale and I had some left over yen on the account. This is a fun fighter. Not much else to say about it. I'm glad there's a good guide to reference for this game. I might do more. I'm not sure.

Another game I picked up on the Japanese PSN Store. Insanely hard to find copies of this and the sequel for cheap. I love 3D fighting games more than 2D. Definitely fun to play. Just still haven't got the true ending yet. Beating the game in less than 6 minutes is rather rough when the AI doesn't cooperate. There's always that one that just ruins your run.

Like the previous 2. On Japanese PSN Store. I looked at this game on youtube and thought it was somewhat interesting. Just shame that the game is just...well not good. It's passable. Just not good.

Now I see why people hate WB Games. Well one of the reasons. This game started out fun. Then got frustrating. Then got fun again. Then got dull and boring. I take one look at the boxart and think well this has some racing in it. No. It's just a bunch of challenge stages.  Really boring game to be honest. And the game can't decide when it wants to use real physics or cartoony physics.

Yeah this game got updates. Easy Mode, Hard Mode, Anthem Mode, many other modes. I've done most of them but others I haven't touched yet. I thought about streaming it but then again I just said...nevermind.

Well this is still in beta. But it's very fun for what it is. I'm still waiting on that controller support though. I can't exactly move around with the keyboard and mouse and expect to win. There's just too many commands. I rather have this on a controller.

Well like I said before its hard to acquire the extra stuff cause it's so expensive. I still have 2 other racing packs to go through. But can't afford them cause they cost the price of a 3DS game new. I know I got request before for certain skylanders but I can't really show them. Cause they're so expensive. I don't have the perks the other youtubers who play this game have. They get sent free stuff all the time. I don't. I have to buy it. There is a bit of jealousy there but that's how it is on my situation.

So I got off my butt and finished this game. Or really it was finished for a long time just no one cared to help with my request for this game. I said that music for this game is lackluster and borderline sucks. So I wanted anyone that watched and enjoy this game. To suggest other music that I could use. No one responded. So I just went ahead and put in whatever music I felt like.

Well this game did get an update but it's taking forever with it's updates. We're supposed to see 2 more playable characters. But really we only have well half of one. Torque is playable but only in time trials and only on certain stages. I really wish GalaxyTrail would well finish this. Instead of announcing that Freedom Planet 2 is now in the making.

Well I originally intended to finish this once I could afford a 3DS capture card. Cause I need one and it cost well over 500 bucks. (I checked.) The original guy who made them sold out and pretty much never opened again. And the only other place I found that sells it has it for such a high price I'd have to wait till Playstation 20 comes out to get it. See not only do I want a 3DS capture card but I also need a newer model 3DS. My current 3DS I bought it used and it shows how used it is. The battery dies way too quick. You could argue well just replace the battery but that's pointless. Cause the charging port looks like a dog chewed on it. So this thing barely charges if at all. I have to put it on a charging stand. And then I have to set it in a certain way so that the 3DS can actually charge.

Well this game was 5 bucks on PSN at the time. And it was one of the games I intended to play. Well I don't completely regret playing through this game. I do hate how this game has so many glitches. What you didn't see cause it was edited out, was that this game has a lot of glitches that make the game unwinnable. You could still play the game. But you're not going to the next level if you trigger one of the glitches. So this game took way longer than it should have. Still somewhat fun. I'm rather surprised no one complained about voice acting. But at the same time I guess none of the viewers cared for this game for one reason or another. I can only imagine the reasons.

Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends -

Glad I rented this game and not buy it. Cause this game well sucks. I don't know why games try to copy a different game's formula that works. And then turn around and modify it to make it not work. Not only did this game copy/paste the Smash Bros. Formula. It copied Smash Bros. character movesets. The items on the game made no sense. The AI was sometimes a complete idiot then other times it was EVO Quality matches. The music sucked and was generally non-existent. I think the icing on the cake was that even though this game has online play. The lobbies were empty. Scratch that there's no lobbies it's just find someone and play. And guess what. NO ONE WAS PLAYING THIS GAME! I saw Cyberman65 play an online match I got the game about 3 days after he uploaded a video on it. No one plays this game online.

Later I found a guy talking trash saying I don't know what I'm talking about. This game is great. It uses music from the actual movies. You have to be a fan of Kung Fu Panda to like this game. Rent the game again and I'll play you online and beat you. Yeah...I'm not renting this crap again. I am a fan of Kung Fu Panda but I'm not gonna grin and bear it when it comes to this game. The only reason this game was popular was the fact that it's suppose to tie over fans till Kung Fu Panda 3 comes out. Well instead of making the game like that. Instead how about take some of those huge profits Kung Fu Panda gets and make a better game.


This is a game from my own childhood that I enjoyed. It's not a basketball simulator like most other sports game. I hate that. I can't have fun in the game cause I'm stuck in a simulator. The last NBA game I played was 2K3. My cousin owned it. I tried it once. I hated every minute of it. Too many things to learn in the game. Not to mention rules. I have played an NBA game far worse than this but I don't want to dig up that horrible memory. Not yet.

Anyway I loved this game despite how difficult it can be. Great soundtrack despite how few songs there are. Easy to pick up and play. And I don't have to know every single player, statistic, or be forced into a simulation of whether or not my shot is good or not. Why can't there be more sports games like this? The one thing I didn't do however was beat all 29 NBA teams. This game was stolen from me as a kid. The thief got busted for it but I never got my games back. So that's what we're doing now. Also cause of March Madness why not. I don't watch Basketball but I do enjoy games that are FUN!

Well by the time you read or hear this. I'm done with the game. I think everyone knows what Diddy Kong Racing is. So I don't need to explain it. I did try a commentary and I'll never do that again. I doubt I'll do Adventure 2. Unless there's enough people that beg me to do it. Adventure 2 is hard. Not only are the tracks mirrored but the AI is harder the Silver Coins are in even worst places than before. I'm not really ready for that frustration.

So this game. Well its finish. Just not all the videos released yet. It's not 100% complete. I figured I'll just show the parts that you don't get to see from my first run. I think what bugs me the most is that the google+ group threw a cease and desist at me for telling people that the next part of the playthrough is up. I was posting videos on that group for years and then the moderator shows up out of no where and says my post was deleted cause its spam. It's the same image and many things like that.  That's honestly a load of horse **** and they know it. It pisses me off cause the person in charge is using the rules to his/her advantage and waited till now to enforce it. It makes me think that the moderator got pissed off that they were getting notifications daily from there group and never bothered to check it. Or that they go to there group and find that I'm the only one posting there. I hate it when people do this. 

Anyway this game is pretty much finished. I haven't decided if I'll do the Last Mission bit yet. I mean I'll do it. But I'm not sure if I'll do it right away. And for people asking for my save file for this game. Don't bother. You can't use it cause PSN blocks it. If you download another person's save of this game you can play using that file but you can't save your game. The only way to use another person's save is to hack the save file. And that's a big hassle for such an easy game. 

Yeah I stopped on this game for awhile. The reason was that I got really sick at the time and my External HD that used to save my recordings on pretty much died. Deleting and not saving a lot of recordings. I was also overworked and many other things. I'll get back to it and finish it. 

Honestly though. I think there's some force at work whenever I try to record this game. Something always seems to go wrong when I'm doing well on the playthrough forcing me to stop recording. 

Possible Future Purchases:

NDS Capture Card

 No not a 3DS Capture Card. A DS One. I have a lot of DS games I just haven't played or recorded cause well a lot of action is on the bottom screen. Also Webcam BS. Since it'll take forever to get a 3DS Capture card. Why not a DS one? I have games to play for it. Also it's far cheaper. 80 bucks. I don't want to use an Emulator since it's unreliable for certain games. That and 2nd screen problems as well.

Nintendo NFC Reader/Writer Accessory for the 3DS: Well I have an Amiibo. Only one. Bowser I figured why not use it in 3DS Smash bros and record matches of the Amiibo Fighting?  Since I don't have a newer model 3DS this can actually come in handy.

New PC Monitor

I've had this monitor for about 8 or 9 years. I'm noticing Dead pixels or something in the corner of it. Also it might die at some point. 

Skylanders Superchargers - Land and Sky Trophy's

I only want the trophy's I don't really want the Skylanders cause I have the ones I'm generally interested in.