Friday, March 25, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Dino Domain

Well when it comes to this game there isn't really much to talk about. Seriously. How do you commentate or even talk about this? 

I will say this. And I'll probably piss off any, every, and all speedrunners of this game. Playing as T.T. from the VERY START OF THE GAME! Doesn't count as a speedrun to me. I've watched speedruns of this game before and all of them start with T.T. Yeah obvious reasons. He's arguably the best character of the game. But if you're starting a new game you should not have T.T. available. Unless your Speedrun category is "T.T. unlocked" I can't say that it's a legit speedrun.  Cause you gotta beat T.T.'s ghost times in every track to unlock him. Now if someone wants to argue that you can't erase him from your game once unlocked that's a lie as well.  Or I should say you're misinformed.  If you want to completely reset your game or any N64 game for that matter. All you have to do is Hold down the Start button when turning on your N64 with the game in it. You'll be asked if you want to erase your save. There you go now the game is as if it's fresh out the box. that's off my chest.

Okay so the story goes that Wizpig showed up on Timber's Island kicked Taj the Genie out of his position and took it over looking for someone to race against. Wizpig also somehow mind controlled the 4 guardians of the island to guard his amulet's.  Drumstick challenged Wizpig and ended up turned into a frog for challenging him. So its up to Diddy and friends who happen to be around to defeat Wizpig and help Timber get back his island. If you tried to pass this story off today it wouldn't work. Or really the mind control bit and the dialogue would be much different. 

Dino Domain the first area of the game.  Simple tracks...kinda to break you in. If there's one thing this game doesn't have is the so called Rubberband AI. (Where the AI either speeds up or slows down depending on your position in the race). It's more like No Mercy type AI.  There's times where the AI is the most godlike racer you've ever seen. You notice this especially during the Silver Coin Challenge and boss races. 

Ancient Lake - Simple track this track shape always seems to get used in racing games.  You can shoot the Dinosaur to get him to move faster or get him to get in the way of the other racers. 
Silver Coin Challenge: What Challenge?

Fossil Canyon - A nice shortcut if you take the Zipper over the small lake. Easy to screw up as well.
Silver Coin Challenge: You're gonna have to take paths that aren't optimal for you. No choice there. Also need to slow down enough so you turn to grab a silver coin after a hard left.

Jungle Falls - Don't run into the wall/bones or fall of the bridge.
Silver Coin Challenge: Easy to do here. Adventure 2 is a different story. 

Hot Top Volcano - Despite the AI not taking the best path or all the Zippers they're somehow still fast enough to catch you. Or outrace you.  
Silver Coin Challenge: What sucks is the Silver Coin Challenge forces you to take the worst path risking you to lose positions.

Tricky 1: Simple avoid anything fancy. There is a ...shortcut right after you pass the bushes. But you need at least a LVL 2 boost to make it even remotely beneficial. Just race as normal shooting Tricky with missiles and boosting pass him. He slows down when he's next to the finish line anyway. 

Tricky 2: A bit more....tricky.  This is where the game dicks you over. If you get crushed either by tricky or falling rocks. Restart. If Tricky's too far ahead. Restart. If you didn't get your starting boost. Restart. While Tricky still slows down right at the finish line. It's still tougher. 

Fire Mountain:  Frustrating. Gather 3 eggs and hatch them. Best way to go about it. Grab a missile. Maybe even a level 2 missile, Pick up an egg drop it on your area. Make sure it's on your area. If you're even a centimeter outside your area that egg is gone.  Wait for it to hatch. I suggest you land and just sit there. Then take off and grab another egg once it's hatched. The reason I say this. The minute you leave your hatching area and you have eggs that aren't hatched the AI will go after it and likely steal it from you. So wait there with a missile that says you come near my eggs and I'll blow you the **** up!

Taj Race: Land
Uh...simple...stupid, free balloon.