Saturday, March 26, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Dragon Forest (Commentary)

So I forcibly did a random commentary. Watch as this gets no real response. Yeah I'm beating myself up or whatever but I get sick and tired of people begging for commentary from me. I really can't stand commentary myself. I can't even stand listening to myself speak.  

I say commentary ruins the gameplay video as a whole. I don't want to focus on people talking on a gameplay I want to focus on the game. Can't even hope to find a commentary that doesn't make a dirty sex joke/comment every 5 minutes. Those videos might as well be video blogs. Or the appropriately named "Let's Drown Out" *insert game here*.  I can't listen to the good music or hope to hear what the characters are saying. Instead its covered by a random person talking about something generally unrelated to the game. Not only did this take way longer than it should due to being distracted. I'm not in the mood for it. No one to do the commentary with except people I don't even know.  

My sister? She left a long time ago. She's no longer interested in Skylanders, Sonic, Pokemon, etc. You can find her at school. Or on a mobile device playing a random dating simulator.  

So you can watch a condensed version of 3 hours of fuck ups and commentary fitted into an hour long video.

AVerMedia Game Capture HD 2

If people desperately want commentary from me. Then you'd have to help me get this. At least simplify the process of commentary instead of going through the process of Audacity, attempt to clean up the audio, sync it up. then edit out crap. At least this way I won't feel so forced when doing commentary. Otherwise no. Unless its incidental (where I can't prevent commentary) it's not happening.