Monday, March 28, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Dragon Forest

Bane of my Existence when it comes to Silver Coin Challenge.

  • Windmill Plains - Simple Plane stage. Easy to just go under the windmills and grab whatever. Just don't hit the windmills. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge - Just 2 Coins that are off the beaten path. Hard to see and harder to grab sometimes. 
  • Greenwood Village - Can be hateful if the AI gets a huge lead cause its hard to get back.  Can drop down the well for some easy bananas and a easy zipper. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  Prepare to lose and restart tons of times cause the coins are all off the beaten path. The worst being at the fork near the end of the track. No boost to make up for lost time. 
  • Boulder Canyon - Easy and fun to take advantage of the drawbridge gimmick. Hop to hit the bell and raise the drawbridge. Anyone not across when it goes up has to take the long way around. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Nothing too notable. The Drawbridge makes it easy. 
  • Haunted Woods - Shortest and easiest track in the game. IMO. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Shortest and easiest track in the game.
  • Smokey Castle - Honestly if you don't have good handling. You might get a little frustrated. This is easy against the AI since they take forever to grab bananas. 
  • Smokey the Dragon - Don't hit the Windmill. If you do. Restart. 
  • 2nd Time: Don't Hit the Windmill. It's not that hard to deal with this guy.