Monday, March 28, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Sherbert Island

I hate the boss here. Seriously I hate this guy.
  • Whale Bay - Easy cause none of the AI will take the shortcut where you jump off the whale on to the ship and cut across.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Not too much notable. 
  • Crescent Island - Easy to lose positions here. You can attempt to take the top part of the ship and drop down for a few more bannanas. But Prepare to lose a few spots.  If you can take the shortcut at the end perfectly you pretty much won.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: If you can keep up with the top 3 you're fine.
  • Pirate Lagoon - Very easy to lose speed and positions here cause of the sharp turns. The Hovercraft is bad at sharp turns. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: As if you didn't have it bad enough. Now you gotta deal with the Silver Coins being way out the way. 
  • Treasure Caves - Actually pretty easy. It's just a circle.  Just stay on the inside.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Only one coin can be an issue if you're not using power slides and your brakes. 
  • Darkwater Beach - Another kill everyone mission.  Just no real hiding spots. just grab level 2 missile's and shoot whoever's nearby. 
  • Bubbler the Octopus - Hate this guy. Hate this guy.  Do not tail gate this guy. Avoid being in his vicinity. If you're near him you're likely to run into a mine that he places. And you might as well restart if that happens. 
  • 2nd Time: Did I mention I hate this guy? Now it's worse. Instead of Mines its bubbles. You're gonna have to CAREFULLY MAKE  YOUR TURNS. Especially coming out the cave. It's way too easy to run into a bubble there. If you hit a bubble Restart cause you're never catching this guy.