Saturday, March 26, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Snowflake Mountain

Snowflake Mountain

Frustrating area to be sure. This is where you'll easily notice that the top 3 will be way ahead of the pack.  Rubberband AI? What is that? That doesn't exist here. 

  • Everfrost Peak - Simple but very easy to screw yourself. Avoid grabbing the magnet balloon if possible. You don't want to randomly attact a missle towards you for using it. Take the right split for the 2 Boost Balloons.  
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Gonna have to learn to make tight turns to effectively get all of them in one go. 
  • Walrus Cove - Keep on the inside at all cost. When you reach the fork take the left path and don't fall off. This will save you a lot of time. If you screw up...well watch yourself bounce on the Ice and well watch your 1st place drop down to 8th before you get mad and click restart.
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Need to learn power sliding. and you're gonna have to take both forks. 
  • Snowball Valley - Evil course. For whatever reason taking the left fork is faster than the right. Beat the snow boulders going up hill and make sure to grab a boost on the last turn. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Prepare for frustration. Utter frustration. You gotta take both forks at least once. Then you need to go a bit off course to get the 2 coins on the hill with the boulders. Best to get one at a time each lap. Then you gotta win. Pray that the opponents aren't too far ahead after you get all 8.
  • Frosty Village: Take the inside turns. seriously. When you reach the actual forest part. Drive offroad and take the zippers. Cut across the track. Save a ton of time. 
  • Silver Coin Challenge: Well forget the shortcut. At least until the 2nd lap or so. You're gonna have to take the outside long routes to get your coins. And the last one before the finish line is difficult to grab without losing a ton of speed or positions. 
  • Icicle Pyramid: Vengence. Just wait at the top grabbing a lvl 2 missile. The AI will get stupid and run up there. The minute you see them shoot em down. 
  • Bluey the Walrus:  1st Time: Rather Simple. Just avoid turning too much so you don't slow down to a crawl in your hover.
  • 2nd Time: Keep up with him at all cost. If he gets too far ahead restart cause you're not catching this guy.