Monday, March 7, 2016

Final Fantasy Explorers - Test Ugh

Cause this is what People on Twitter voted for -_-  I can't afford a 3DS capture card so its either this or not at all. Saving up for it not much of an option. I don't make much from YT like I used to.

Now how many complaints will come about aside from my own?

-Webcam no good. I'm surprised the sound didn't mess up. Probably will once uploaded here. 22FPS LMAO!!!

-Damn near impossible to keep the 3DS still on a game like this.

-Batteries die WAY TOO QUICK!  Charge port is ****ed up cause I bought it like that.  (No point in replacing the battery can't even really. The seller stripped the screws.)

-I have to sit in a really awkward and rather unhealthy position for this kind of recording. (Insurance doesn't cover a chiropractor).

-I blame Windows 10 for removing/updating my Webcam software. (Really the only other thing I blame it for otherwise I'm cool with it).   I don't have all the options the original software did to fix the quality as best I can.

-I only have one other option and that's worse than this method. At least on my back and neck.