Thursday, March 3, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Lone Wolf's Lament - Monumental Battle (El...

Boss is pretty straight-forward. As you Damage Bahamut Sin he'll eventually shift phases to charging Giga, Tera, or Peta-Flare. You must stop him by attacking his charging spot or take a lot of damage. Once damaged enough the charge will backfire and damage him heavily. 

So far for me this is an easy event. I pretty much auto-battled till I hit this boss. I got Cloud's Sword from the banner. Giving him the first BSSB (Burst Super Soul Break) in the game. 
Cloud's is a lot of attacks. Then after you have 2 attacks. The First one hits all enemies twice. The 2nd one Hit's one enemy 4 times. 

Burst Super Soul Break

When activated that character will not only perform a heavily animated move. But afterwards they'll be in burst mode for a set time. Burst mode gives a bunch of passive effects and changes your attack and defend command to 2 different attacks. Depending on the character's BSSB. 

Cloud's is the first of many but soon many more will show up. From what I've seen so far these characters have a BSSB:
  • Cloud
  • Yuna FFX-2
  • Lightning FFXIII-2
  • Tyro 
  • Sephiroth
  • Garnet????
  • Rydia????
Also at the same time we now have wardrobe records. It's more of cosmetic change. Once acquired a particular character can change there outfit. These Characters currently have or are getting Wardrobe Records.
  • Cloud - FF7 AC Outfit
  • Yuna - FFX-2 Gunner Outfit
  • Lightning - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Goddess Lightning Outfit
  • Sephiroth - One Winged Angel Outfit
  • Dagger/Garnet - New Resolve Dagger (When she cut her hair)
  • Rydia - Older Rydia