Saturday, March 12, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Commspheres Death

Well the Commspheres gotta die. They lived long enough it seems. Sad but true it's gotta happen. At least its rather funny.

Here's how they die incase not shown or missed

  • Besaid: The Aurochs practice blitzball and show there skills off breaking the commsphere. It can also get moved by a dog to a different spot.
  • Kilika: Barthello broke it...both of them back in Chapter 4.
  • Luca: Due to interference from Luca's broadcast you can't get anything.
  • Mi'Hen Highroad: Rin has disabled them. Or it's ran over.
  • Mushroom Rock Road: Thrown into the ocean if it hasn't already back in chapter 4.
  • Djose Temple: Stolen by the Al Bhed.
  • Moonflow: A shoopuf stepped on it.
  • Guadosalam: Leblanc's Goons hunt the sphere.
  • Thunder Plains: Due to interference from the thunderstorm, chocoport, and fiends this sphere is dead. Or get's struck by Lightning.
  • Macalania Woods: The first one either gets attacked by a fiend or due to interference from the 3 musicians the commsphere dies.  2nd One is frozen or stolen by Wantz
  • Bikanel Desert: The first one is taken by an al bhed.  The 2nd one Benzo breaks out of embarrassment up or the sandstorm.
  • Bevelle: Executed via firing squad for treason.
  • Calm Lands:  1st one Eaten by a Coyote Fiend. 2nd one Attacked by a chocobo.
  • Mt. Gagazet: Frozen Solid. The 2nd One can be destroyed as judgement for being a peeping tom.
  • Zanarkand Ruins: Ruined by Monkeys. 

You can still view some of them but the picture will be too garbled and likely force you to exit.