Sunday, March 13, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Thunder Plains Complete

First off hopefully you did enough of the Lightning Rod Tower Calibration to help things here. The Lighting Rod towers are overrun with fiends. You need to stop em. Depending on how many Towers you calibrated will determine the treasure you get. 
The mission ends with a King Behemoth needing to be taken out. 
Just be ready for Meteor at the end. 

We'll we're not done here. Apparently there's a cave that opened up. And Cid's somewhere inside it. We need to rescue him. 
Well let's do so. Luckily there's nothing to note about this cave...YET. 
But the boss here can be tough or easy depending on how you handled battles earlier.
Remember those floating scanners in the previous chapters. If you been using abilities around them well those abilities to be named may be sealed for this battle. Otherwise it should be easy to take out.