Saturday, March 19, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 To the Farplane

Alright time to travel to the final dungeon. Depending on the route you take determines what items you get and what bosses you may fight.

You can actually skip one of them if you're careful but you don't need to. 

Shiva: It's Shiva Ice attacks galore.  Only thing to worry about is Heavenly Strike which halves your current HP and MP. Can't be dodged either. The rest can be nullified or absorbed.

Magus Sisters: Need to take out at least one of them quickly.  There special attacks do damage based on your HP.  

Anima:  Well not as much as a threat as it was in days of old. But still. Don't fool around and end up on the wrong end of Oblivion. Actually that attack is rather weak too so.  LOL.  

Once you reach the bottom you find Leblanc & friends standing around.  You can continue to press onward or go finish some unfinished business you may have.