Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ch5 Visiting Bevelle Via Infinito

Well in order to complete the Crimson Sphere quest this place is required. Via Infinito is a 100 floor dungeon.  You can't use no Encounters to avoid combat here.  There's some dangerous monsters here as well. The first 60 floors are pretty simple in terms of random encounters.

But you should keep wary of 2 monsters. The Mega Tonberry and the Elder Drake. Both are dangerous and can probably one shot you depending on your stats. There's others but those are around the last 20 floors of this place. Your level will amount to squat even at LVL 99. There's no save point aside from the entrance so you'll have to exit.  You can reenter to start from the last floor you left off on. There's a boss every 20th floor. We'll go over those later.

In terms of Shinra's creature creator there's quite a few to grab here depending on the floor you cleared.