Monday, March 28, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Elder Drake

Oh joy this is quite a fight here. 
Elder Drake is definitely not a pushover for this point in the Via Infinito. It's best to challenge it when you're sure to get it in Oversoul that'll reduce its rate of attacking. In the Normal version you can simply overpower this guy using Catnip+Gunner.

HD and International...not that simple. You gotta work for it. Setup your defenses ASAP then attack it with everything you got. A good way to try and keep everyone alive is to have a warrior with Adamanitite constantly use Sentinel. That should stop the rate of your party dying too much...sorta. 

Make use of that Psychic dressphere and make yourself invincible. At least this is a strategy for early on. Later you should be able to take it down with ease.