Thursday, March 31, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD -Thunder Plains Ruins Cave 1

A rather annoying cave. Returning to the place where you found Cid. You can now explore this dungeon. EQUIP NO ENCOUNTERS FOR AN EASIER TIME! If you don't have No Encounters grab a pen and paper. Time for some math. And ask yourself why you want this to be harder than it is. 

The Cave here is blocked systematically. Each wall has a number you need to figure out To figure it out the password for the next wall.
The answers could come via a set few ways. 

- Number Of The Answer Of A Particular Wall
- Given
- Amount Of Gil Gained From One Point To Another (If you have No Encounter, It's always 0)
- Number Of Battle Fought (If you have No Encounter, It's always 0)
- Add Numbers Together And These Numbers Could Come From The Above Ways

If you haven't been writting down the numbers you may be in luck. You could get lucky. Every door you open will have chest appear. Depending on which one you open you're either given a hint for the next wall or it just automatically opens. Hopefully you get the later but seriously write these numbers down.