Thursday, March 17, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Ultimate Machina Challenge

Well at Djose the Al Bhed have made what they called the Ultimate Machina. They want the girls to fight it. Well you beat the crap out of it and they'll tell you that it's not at its strongest yet. In order to make this thing at its strongest. You need to farm for parts at Bikanel desert. It's strongest will have its stats at LVL 5. 
You can check by talking to the guy. But in order to fight this thing again. You need to bring them Repair manuals. There's 5 in total scattered throughout Spira. 

• 1st manual – Visit the upper floor of Djose Temple. An Al Bhed man will ask you for a password. That password is MARNELA, named after the matriarch of the Cactuars at Bikanel Desert. Once the password is given, he'll give you the manual.

• 2nd manual – Obtained from a man sitting in the room to the left of the stairs in Djose Temple.

• 3rd manual – Walk to the right of the temple entrance and you'll find three monkeys in a circle. Stand between the monkeys and wait for all three of them to jump at the same time. Press the X button and you'll receive the manual.

• 4th manual – Examine the Machina to the left of the crowd of people at the northern part of Mi'ihen Highroad.

• 5th manual – Found in a treasure chest at the Ruin Depths beneath the Chocobo Stables in the Calm Lands.

If you didn't get it at its full potential by the 5th time its repaired. Well episode concluded. You want it at max power so you can learn a Blue Bullet. But we'll go over that in the next part.