Friday, March 18, 2016

Final Fantsy X-2 HD - Ch5 Djose Complete + Mascot

Well this thing can be tough. But we're not leaving without that episode complete. So bring it on.

Experiment at max level is tough. You may want to double your HP if you can. Keep your HP max. If you haven't learned Annihilator then now's the time to do so. It's one of the best Blue Bullets in the game. So make sure the girls learn as this is the ONLY TIME YOU CAN LEARN THE MOVE! 
After its defeated. Episode Complete
Well not done guess what every area has episode complete now. Time to get the ultimate Dressphere. Mascot. Apparently fans hate this thing cause of furry costumes -_- whatever. It's still the best dressphere of the game. Time to make full use of it. 
Like many of the other dresspheres. These are unique depending on character.
Yuna deals with healing and buffs. 
Rikku deals with debuffs. 
Paine deals in status effects. 
All Mascot dresspheres have Ribbon ability as well. YAY!