Friday, March 18, 2016

GoGigantic Beta - I need Controller Support

Sign up for the Beta here @:

This game is available for Windows 10 and Xbox One. 

I actually had the beta for awhile. Just didn't find the time to play it. Been really tired and what not. Also apparently I wasn't allowed to show the game or talk about it till a few weeks ago when it was approved. But it's still a closed Beta.

Already Got A Leg Up On DotA, LoL, etc. For Me

Anyway trying out the beta. I like this game. I like a lot more than League of Legends, DotA2, Heroes, whatever. For one reason. It's not an overhead view with tons of clicking. While I don't mind this in the other games. It's still annoying that I feel like I'm playing Diablo and have generally no understanding of how abilities, items, and everything else works. I really can't stand it when those games get to the point of having so much terminology that I require a dictionary to sit next to me explaining WTF everyone is saying.  It probably exist in this game too but from what I see its far simpler to understand.

The Look of the Game.

I like the character designs. Considering my graphics card and everything else this game runs pretty good. Nothing looks too awkward. I really wanna play as certain characters considering there design. At the same time. I would totally get behind this game if I got put in it lol even as a skin. I'd never leave this game.  The environment is nice and the gameplay runs smooth.

I like this GUI.  It's not cluttered with Crap


Music....uh....lack there of. I think there is some music in this game but I hardly hear it. So that's a gripe. I don't understand why in MOBA games is the music always so low.  Music is what keeps me going in games. If the music sucks or there's lack of music I don't really stick to the game for as long as I'd like to.  Just ask "Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends". That game used tracks from various movies (or so I've been told) but not only was the volume low on some stages, it just didn't fit the game. The sound effects are pretty standard and I don't think the characters have voices yet. It is still a beta.

Controller Support PLZ

Controls. My current biggest if not only gripe with this game. While the controls are decent....if you like playing FPS games using a Keyboard and Mouse you shouldn't have a problem. Well I do.  This game is supposed to come to XboxOne as well. I don't own an XboxOne and likely won't anytime soon.  But I tried using a controller and well nothing. My Gamepad for the PC is a Saitek Rumble P3200. Which is designed for Xbox 360.  It's kinda old but it works and it has a great feel to it. And the Xbox button still works.  So it's still supported.  And it works on other games. (thank god cause there's no way I'd play Azure Striker Gunvolt using a keyboard).

What I'm saying is...there's no controller support yet.  If this played like the other MOBA games where you click on whatever you want to kill and your character does it then no problem.  But I do have an issue using my mouse as a camera, and attacking while I use the keyboard for movement, running, and attacking.  It feels awkward to me. Maybe if the game was just Keyboard on its own or mouse on its own. I wouldn't mind, but no controller support still bugs me.

Slightly Confused????

Well the other thing that kinda bothers me cause its not explained in the tutorial very well. Is the purpose of this game. Or really the goal.  From what I guess I'm obviously supposed to kill anyone that's an enemy. But more importantly gather these power crystals so that my big monster guy that I guess I'm protecting or being led by can go kill the other big monster guy.  And then while its weakened I go in for a killing blow. Apparently I do this 3 times and win?  I don't really know. I don't want to play an actual match yet till I have controller support.

More on Characters

Well I can't really say much more from the 30 minutes I've put into the game so far. The leveling system is like Heroes of the Storm. Where if you level up you can choose what ability you want to upgrade and how you want to upgrade it. As well as throwing in some passive skills. I like this method far more than say League of Legends where characters have the same abilities all the time and there's not much in terms of upgrading. What I mean is your abilities have different paths so you don't have to be stale in your ability uses every game. You can change it up to fit your play style and situation.

League of Legends as a comparison...well you get the same abilities and they only upgrade in terms of attack power, range, cooldown, duration. The only way to sorta change how an ability works is with items that you buy. While Gigantic is somewhat the same way. At least there's more to guess and learn to deal with when in combat.

Just 2 of the many characters I already like seeing this game from day 1 streams.

Things I'm hoping for when the actual game is made

  1. Controller Support - I know this is a given but the sooner this happens the better. It's too awkward for me to play using a keyboard and mouse.  
  2. More Characters - I like the roster the way it is now. But I love to see what other crazy characters they can come up with. (and seriously I'd throw everything behind this game if I was made into the game...although the same can be said of any game). 
  3. Music - Yeah I don't know about other people in MOBA games. But I would love some music. Maybe there's very little music so you focus on the game and what's going on but still. 
  4. A Single Player Mode - This might be a bit much to ask for but that would be cool to have a single player mode with a thrown together story. Would help me a lot in terms of learning the game. 
  5. This doesn't really count but let my screen recorder recognize this game so it can record properly.  GET TO WORK PLAY CLAW 5!!!