Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Skylanders Superchargers Racing Edition: (Wii) - The Nefarious Tour

This plays a bit different from the normal version of the the game. Not only that but this plays different from the game as a whole. All races here are Sea races.  Spellslamzer is not in this version as a playable character. Upon defeating one of the villains in a race you are able to play as said villain.

Songs Used:

Windmill Village - Sonic Rush Adventure

Plant Kingdom

Boss Clear

White Space Time Chemical Plant - Sonic Generations

Chemical Plant Modern

White Space Time Seaside Hill

Seaside Hill Classic

White Space Time - Rooftop Run

Rooftop Run Modern

Tropical Resort Classic - Sonic Generations 3DS

Tropical Resort Modern

Asteroid Coaster Map - Sonic Colors

Asteroid Coaster Act 1

I only did half of it (add songs). I didn't feel like doing the entire game since there's no one who volunteered any suggestions for songs. So the 2nd half is the in-game default music.