Friday, March 18, 2016

Skylanders SuperChargers - Sea Action Racing Pack Part 1

I haven't done everything with this yet but there's not a whole lot.

This should've been DLC Content you could get as well instead of having more stuff to clutter your room.

So I bought the Sea Action Racing Pack and the Kaos Trophy awhile back. Thankfully it was on Skylanders Day. I sure as hell wasn't gonna pay 35+ bucks for such a small set. Seriously that's just too expensive for how little you get.

Sea Action Racing Pack Comes with:
  • Deep Dive Gill Grunt (SuperCharger Skylander)
  • Reef Ripper (Supercharger Vehicle)
  • Sea Trophy

Kaos Trophy

Kaos Trophy is exactly what it is.  That's it.  It's standard price is 8 or 9 bucks.  It's totally not worth it considering what it unlocks.

You unlock Kaos as a playable racer in Race Mode. He's a flying vehicle. Honestly he should be available as any vehicle. You also unlock Boss Race Mode. Race Grand Prix style featuring boss characters. I haven't even tried it yet.

Deep Dive Gill Grunt & Reef Ripper 

It's kinda uncomfortable playing as a character who used to be a long range shooter type to a short - mid range melee fighter. His movement abilities are a lot better though. It's also a pretty decent Melee character. He doesn't have much in the get of jail situation. But he does cover mobs pretty easily. If only this was a Musou Game.  The notable thing about him is that his Water Jetpack no longer requires recharging.  Thus making his mobility a lot better.

Torrent Tamer Path

This path focuses on his jetpack and tidal wave abilities.  His tidal wave moves have good enemy knockback.

Storm Summoner Path

Focuses on his Lightning Abilities.  However you don't have much abilities in jetpack mode. Also his Soul Gem ability is really all you need for lightning attacks IMO.


Instead of rushing in. Take out the weaker mobs while making your advance. The weaker ones should die pretty quick due to his damage. The remaining stronger ones will fall to Gill Grunt's stronger close range attacks. Make full use of his Soul Gem Ability as it covers most of the screen. It also helps a lot if you have the Portal Master ability for Water Type Skylanders to randomly freeze there enemies on hit.

Reef Ripper

Reef Ripper is a water vehicle meant for speed. Having a decent firing rate and great amount of acceleration. It suffers in armor and damage.  It's pretty easy to pull ahead of the pack. However defending yourself or trying to retake a position can get difficult. The most you have to defend yourself is the "Electrify the Tail" attack. If someone's riding your to speak (I'd say a different phrase but well...) you can spam this to hopefully get them off you. If not diving is your only other option. It's kind of a blessing considering I have Dive Bomber which is the opposite of Reef Ripper in terms of abilities.

Sea Trophy

Unlocks the 2 locked tracks that are locked in Race Mode as well as mirrored tracks.  You actually need this trophy as well to complete certain Skylanders' Supercharger Challenges. -_-  In otherwords if you were thinking, "I'll just get the character and vehicle. I don't care for the trophy." Well you have to deal with this paywall. (assuming you do the Supercharger Challenges)

2 Unlocked Tracks. 

Tropic Plunder

This track is very familiar when compared to the Wii versions (Skylanders SuperChargers Racing). Except this version has quite a bit more to it. Also looks better (That's a given -_-).

The Golden Temple

This track isn't on the Wii Version as far as I know. It's pretty easy even with the traps. Just a rather aesthetic track than anything.

Boss Pursuit

You face down 4 bosses in a boss style race. You kinda know all of them from previous games. I don't know one of them however. You'll need to make sure you have at least 1 star in every track to face the bosses. The fights are easy. Just defeat the boss before the race is complete. My only suggestion is to make sure they're always slightly ahead of you so you can keep shooting them. Once defeated you can play as them in race mode.

Spellslamzer - I like how his attacks have great homing ability on them.

Mesmerelda - Haven't used yet

Capt. Frightbeard - Haven't Used Yet

Golden Queen - I like her defensive ability. It reduces the damage she takes and attacks opponents she runs into.

What's left to do:

  • The rest of the Sea Races
  • Play as all the bosses at least once
  • Do a Grand Prix for Sea Races
  • Boss Grand Prix

What's left to acquire

  • Land Action Racing Pack: To be honest I only want the trophy as my sister likes using Trigger Happy. It's also way too much money. The only land vehicle/skylander I'm somewhat interested in is either Thump Truck(Smash Hit) or Burn Cycle (Lava Lance Erupter)
  • Sky Action Racing Pack: I only want the trophy here as well. I have 3 Sky Vehicles already (2 if you remove the Nintendo exclusive one). If I had any interest in a vehicle/skylander in this area it would be Buzz Wing (Thrillepede)
However this cost quite a bit of money. So it takes time to get these. I can't just purchase these right away. If you want to help or support me then it's your choice. Most I can say is turn off adblock and watch my videos. But I understand the situation of people in this regard.