Tuesday, March 1, 2016

So Another Month Has Passed Youtube Update 3/1/2016

Well it hasn't been a good 2 months to be honest. Haven't exactly got what I needed done. I got really sick. Not the flu but might as well be. I had a Urinary Tract Infection. Which is well pretty bad for anyone. Needless to say it was painful and I had a high fever. Unable to do what I needed to. Then when I got better I didn't feel like doing anything.

My Health

My health now is ok. I still can't seem to motivate myself to get up and exercise like I wanted to do this year. I don't have the motivation to do so. It's actually affected a lot I wanted to do.


Not so great but could be worse. Considering how much I got in Ad Revenue. I feel horrible about it. It's a new all time low for me. Honestly I felt rather lonely. Trying to work hard to upload videos and get stuff done no help in doing so then dealing with the apparent recent problem of Youtube and its claims bit.  Compared to other channels that got help I feel like I'm one of those small easily forgettable people that no one would care for if my channel disappeared. Although in reality that's the truth anyway about anything in life.


Well enough of that. I guess I should talk about things you slightly care about.

No Commentary? Why?

I don't know how many times I've answered this one.  I really dislike commentary. For many reasons. The mains ones being:

  • It ruins the game: How can you hear anything over people talking about the game? I like the in game music and sounds and hearing people talk over this gets annoying to downright *click the X*.  People tend to say things with no real thought to how there audience feels while drowning out the game at the same time. There's very few exceptions where I can actually tolerate commentary but I can count that on one hand. 
  • There's Nothing To Talk About: There really isn't especially for me. There's a lot of things I think about or don't want to think about that the public shouldn't hear at all. Not to mention that I experience constant interruptions while recording. Be it pets, phone, parents, siblings, friends, etc. 
  • I don't want to heavily influence viewers: This is something I noticed with 95% of youtubers that do commentary. They have a heavy influence on there viewers and possibly don't know it. By this I mean that its what that person says is what everyone seems to follow and generally have there opinions based on that. Or when you speak bad or different about what that youtuber says. Everyone jumps on your case saying that your wrong regardless of the subject and regardless of the facts. I don't want this at all. I appreciate fans but I don't want blind ones. 
  •  I want to give the playing experience from an average player: Listening to the in-game music, playing the game as any normal player who may or may not have played the game before. It's something I like watching and I want to give that to the viewers. Let them decide for themselves by watching the video if the game is good or not. I may write that I hate a game or like a game. But I judge the games based on what I watch. Forming it based on the opinions of friends and other people's views has led me to bad purchases in the past and a lot of those games I have yet to finish.  
  • I don't feel comfortable with commentary and the last time I did it there were very little amount of views or comments. So when people ask I have proof that I did try it for a reasonable time. I didn't do it only once and done. I did it for quite awhile. 
It's those reasons and more that I just don't feel comfortable with Commentary.

Call To Action

The people I talk to about this expect me to hold contest or other crap. I shouldn't have to do such a thing to acquire viewers/subscribers. That's pretty much buying viewers. Heck from my point of view when I see this from others I just enter the contest and if I didn't win then I just unsubscribe or whatever. I have enough clutter as it is.


I can't do these anymore. Not only do I not have the time but I don't have the equipment to do so. I mentioned before that I have issues with the software and no one seems to be able to solve my problems with it. I also don't like what livestreams have become. Lately it just feels more like an insanely huge chatroom where everyone begs for attention and has contests as to who has the most money to give away.

Notifications on my Next Video being released.

When I release videos I notify everyone via, Twitter, Pintrest, and Google+.  Sometimes facebook and sometimes Instagram.  I used to do Tumblr but that place just saturated with porn and other things that my post go unnoticed unless its considered some sort of SJW or shit post. So I stopped using Tumblr.  After a poll despite how few responses people seem to like the releases in the evening/nighttime. It's difficult to do such as I'm usually ready to sleep or just plain forget. Often I'm out for so long that I get home late.

One thing that bugs me about this is how random google+ groups attribute my post as spam cause I post one video there daily.  So I either get kicked out or my post gets moderated/deleted by a technicality on the rules they set.

Recent Example:

-The Final Fantasy Group started deleting my videos associating them as spam. Despite only posting a new video daily. It was considered spam cause the picture was supposedly the same when its not. This happened recently after I've been posting my videos there daily for about a year. So a pretty much a year later where I've been doing the same thing on a daily basis. A moderator steps in and decides to start saying that I'm breaking the rules. Yet the rules never changed. And now the moderator makes complaints and tells me to stop.

This has happened many times before in different scenarios and I feel its a case of a person not liking me. While there's nothing I can do about it. I have to deal with it.

Another Example:

-The Smash Bros group decided to ban me without notification from the group for posting videos of my 3DS gameplay of Smash 4. Apparently cause the quality of the video isn't as high quality as those that are lucky to afford a 3DS capture card its grounds for spam and a ban-able offense. I tried making my own group for Smash but well it's ignored. So adding that and how bored I got smash bros got me to stop playing the game altogether.

The Youtube Problem or #WTFU

I really don't know what's the issue here. I just know that from my point of view. Youtube doesn't care about what's going on and the companies that make the claims or strikes don't care either. Since Big Youtubers don't seem to have this problem it's not an actual problem. The small people can complain all they want but since we can be replaced it doesn't really matter. Until the Big guys actually step up and take action and more than just speaking out about it nothing is going to change.

Google has the system in place so they can keep major companies off there back and not have another Viacom repeat. The major companies don't care unless its a big youtuber being messed with. My proof to back such things up?

  • Capcom: I tried to contact Cacpom about the Content ID Claims made by there company. I sent an email via there contact address. No reply. I tried posting on there forum for an answer. It's the first of March and still no answer. I read there policy where it says they LOCK ALL TOPICS created. This is supposedly made so that the moderators and admins can answer them without post from other users interfering. However I received no reply to this day. Many others are in the same boat. http://www.capcom-unity.com/ask_capcom/go/thread/view/7371/30630711/copyright-claims?sdb=1  (This is the topic I made. If you go view the forum you can see that very few if any at all have any replies as well).
  • Namco-Bandai: I was given the runaround with this company. I asked about the claims and what there policy is on such a thing. The first person to contact me sent me a link to there facebook page and a phone number to there legal department. I was told the Legal department will probably not help me and suggest I go to facebook. But I tried anyway and well that person was right. The Legal department didn't care. So when I tried there facebook page (which is rather inactive). The response I got from that guy was a link back to the same help page where I started. -_- 
  • Square Enix: I got into a conversation with these guys and asked for specifics with copyright. They told me straight up that they're not gonna remove claims on videos at all for small youtubers. I have to be a big company to get something like that. So when I asked for specifics about what I shouldn't have in videos I got a generic textbook answer. You know one of those answers that a telemarketer would use in terms of answering all questions. I was told to use my own judgement in this regard. Which doesn't help me at all. Cause it seems they just claim anything they feel like. Doesn't matter. 
  • Youtube: When I got my account recovered the videos that got removed never came back. Instead I got messages saying that they're still removed. Then about 2-3 weeks later I got messages saying I could reupload the videos. So when youtube was starting to ban me and revoke privileges. They were just straight up deleting the videos. Instead of holding them there for 7 days as they're policy states. They really don't care and just let the computers handle everything. 
While I know the whole fair use thing. Technically these companies can straight up ban every single account in existence that happens to have videogame/movie/TV show content of any kind in it. That's if the companies wanted to be a dick. But they choose not to. Likely knowing that they make money off the publicity. But at the same time. They'll just let Youtube's automated system do the work for them so when something happens it's SoL for us. 

The Japanese companies really don't care. They know how the law and Youtube works. They're not gonna remove any strikes, or claims and will dispute them should you try and do so. Oh there music happens to be in a game. Well too bad its there's anyway. FU they say. And you can't contact these guys at all. Despite how they have legit emails and phone numbers they'll just never answer. Not due to a language barrier. They have interpreters. They just don't care.

Still Requesting (Skylanders Superchargers Alternate Music)

I've Requested this but I guess no one cares for this game. I wanted alternate music for Skylanders Superchargers both version. I still haven't received anything on this. Taking a long time for me to get these videos out. But if there are any suggestions on songs to use for either game let me know. 

Games in the Works: Here's what's being released now.

Legend of Kay Anniversary (Short game finished it sunday)
Final Fantasy X-2 HD (Beginning the final chapter)
Tales of Zestiria (Finished the game working up making another playlist featuring only the boss fights)
Skylanders Superchargers: (Haven't decided not much money to get any new skylanders either.) 
Capcom Fighting Evolution (Getting to work on finishing this)

Games Coming Up (Possibly)

Sly Cooper 1,2,3

While I do have Final Fantasy Explorers there's no way to record it. I know there's people that mentioned using things like a phone or whatever But I can't keep the 3DS still for such a game.

That's about it. I can't think of much else to mention here.