Thursday, March 24, 2016

So It's a Thing to Claim Audio Content from Games Made over 20 years ago?

Well from the day I'm writing this.  This is the 2nd time this has happened this year. These are no longer completely bogus companies making false copyright claims.  These are now legit companies making claims.

Samurai Showdown IV - Music

Oh this is a great one. See the content being claimed was actually Haohmaru's theme. The company that claimed it was a music publishing company that represented a spanish rap group.

What actually happened is that this music group used Haohmaru's theme in one of there songs.

So I disputed that claim. Made message about it on Twitter and went to this group's YT channel since they had one. And left a message on there discussion board. Doubt anyone will see it but that's it up there.  I want to say its just a mistake and they probably didn't know.  But aren't publishers supposed to check this stuff before they give the ok on a CD?  The group heck the company can be sued for this. Or does copyright apply differently in another country?   The game was made back in 1994. So how do you claim a song for game made a company that still exists? 

I could see if it was a company that no longer exist. But then it would still be rather wrong. Especially since someone else could own the rights to it.  

The claim was later released a few days later but I still had to raise a fuss. 

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis) Starlight Zone claimed?!

It's a very old video of mine. Back when I playing Sonic Unleashed and did the DLC stages.  Now another legit company TMSAnime is claiming Starlight Zone? Sonic was made back in 1991. This game's well over 25 years old. And Sega clearly still exist as a company. I don't recall the music composer for this game giving away the rights to the song and I'm pretty sure Sega still owns it anyway. I looked this company up too and they exist. What did they use the song in some video of there's and now it's claimed as there own?  

This is beyond stupid and #WTFU just ain't gonna cut it. Before it was just random bogus companies making claims to get money. Now its LEGIT COMPANIES MOST BIG IN NAME AND INFLUENCE making these claims.  The worst part is that most of them aren't going to do jack squat but sit on there butts and say well that person is SoL. We'll just find our free advertisement some other way. That's what "insert youtuber here" gets for using our content. Capcom pretty much silenced my voice when I asked them about there copyright claims. Namco-Bandai has "Geniuses" working at there help desk to give you the run around. Square Enix pretty much says that they don't give a shit who you are and they're not gonna do anything about the claims unless you're an actual big named company. 

Honestly I'm afraid to use the song a friend gave to me as a gift that he himself created for me to use. It might get claimed too at this rate. That'll be an insult to him and to everyone involved.