Wednesday, April 20, 2016

3DS Recording Test #2 & 3 - The Awkward Setup

So with my old $150 Camcorder. I can record handheld games. However the setup is insanely awkward. (See Below)

By positioning my 3DS on a table. My Camera sits on the tripod positioned right in front of the 3DS. But also near my TV.  My camera came with a cable to link to a TV so I run it through the capture card. This is to save money on having to buy Mini-DVD's (R and RWs).  Also saves me time and stress of ripping the video straight off a DVD and not worry too much about time.

However considering where the tripod is. I can't move it anywhere else and comfortably play my 3DS. I have to sit in a way that my hands, arms, etc. don't knock the camera over. Also keep the 3DS screen upright so as to get a good picture. The other problem is that I'm sitting rather low. Not as low as the alternate setup but I am low enough to feel uncomfortable. 

Doesn't help that my 3DS is the first model and I don't own a CirclePad Pro. (really what's the use in such a thing when it's not compatible with all games that should use it. Looking at you Smash and Monster Hunter).  This also isn't a solid solution to 3DS recording.

I've actually used this method before on some of my old DS games (Sonic Darkbrotherhood, Sola to Robo, etc). The problem from then still exist now. Playing games that either have the action on the bottom screen or require me use a stylus/touch screen make recording and playing difficult. 

Unfortunately this is the cheapest solution I can come up with seeing as this is all I got. 

I bought that camera almost a decade ago. My original intention at the time was to record a local smash bros tournament, but I left the camera at home (wouldn't have done me good anyway as Gamestop banned the use of cameras at there store for some reason). Also to record certain events. But those events I did record seem to be a waste of time, money, and effort. 

Might as well make use of this camera someway. I didn't spend 150 bucks for nothing. Seeing as I'll likely never be able to afford a 3DS capture card, or anything of the sort. I'll just use what I still have that isn't a piece of crap. 

Doubt people will be interested in it though. Seeing as this isn't pure 3DS Capture Card quality.  But its something.