Thursday, April 7, 2016

Current Thoughts on KI3 Killer Instinct 2k13??

Well there's not much for me to say. I can't really play the game. I want to and can't.  Not cause of no money...well technically that is the reason. The system requirements are too high for my PC. I hit all the qualifications but one. The Graphics card.  I looked up to see how much it would be for the low end.  It's way out of my price range. One of the cards cost 300-500 bucks. While the other is more reasonable (priced at around 70) but next to impossible to find one brand new. I don't even want to look at the high end ones.

To be honest I should've known from that time I tried Sonic Generations on my PC and got pretty much the same result.  The game runs at 10-15 FPS instead of 30-60+.  I like that they gave me Sabrewulf for free. Although apparently this changes weekly or so (think one of those MOBA games and that's how it apparently works).

I did have the idea of recording CPU matches and calling 10-15fps theater LOL.  But I doubt that'll go well. From what I know about the game I can tell you what I already don't like and like.


Graphics: While I don't care for graphics I do take notice of it. The game looks good. I do want to say that there's way too much going on in the backgrounds for some stages. For me it can get distracting. I'm not asking for Training Stage. I would like to have less things going on in the background.
Sound: Sound and Music is a big thing for me. And this is one of those games where the game doesn't sound like crap. I am rather annoyed with the announcer saying "Stage Ultra" and "devastated", "knock off", etc. I know already. I don't need some dude announcing it. That's just adding too much to something that's already good.

Gameplay: Well the gameplay certainly took a step up.  The whole lockout thing. Makes general sense. I think it was in the older ones and the game didn't announce it. But at least entering a combo breaker is simpler now. The older games you had to enter specific buttons depending on the character you used. While it was technically more universal. The timing to enter the command was so strict that you would almost never pull it off.  I also have to say at least there's no simple Cinder combo where you mashed forward and Punch. God that was annoying.

Story Mode: I'm glad this game actually did Story Mode right. It's one of the few games that did.  Lately story mode in fighting games is just novel length explanations and very few (if any) fights. You also got forced to play as a character you didn't like. This one does it right by giving you a concise story bit and enough fights to satisfy you. You also unlock stuff. Thank you.
Rage Quit Prison???:  Well someone's doing something about Rage Quitters at least. Even if it only lasts a few matches/days. It's better than nothing.

Play Online for Free: Well you are locked to one character. But this is quite a fun thing. I would've settled for a demo of the game to determine if I want the full game or not. But giving you full access (except characters) is great.


Guest Characters: This is a pet peeve of mine. I hate guest characters in fighting games. There only purpose is to sell the game by showing possible buyers, "Hey this character is in the game you should get it."
It's really a dumb thing to do IMO. You never see those characters again should there be a sequel. And there story is absolutely irrelevant to the game's main plot. Not to mention that most of the time those guest character suck. (very few exceptions)  I just don't like em.

Ranked Matches being best of 3 matches:  I hate this.  It's not a tournament.  Why do this? I hear some people like this saying "I get to learn how to fight against that character and opponent." I disagree heavily. I don't want to play the same person twice in a ranked match.  I'm not learning anything by fighting a 2 out of 3. I like to take breaks inbetween my matches and figure out things. With this in place. All its doing is having me fight at my best...then fight me again while I'm tired.  This is rather a dumb thing to do. I can't stand it.

System Requirements Are Not Cheap:  Yeah they're cheap if you have a ton of disposable income. Costed me quite a bit just to get my PC to where it is now. I think I'm at 700 bucks now in terms of how much I've spent? And that's the span of 2+ years. Most I've done is upgrade my RAM to 16GBs.  (was 4 GBs).  Considering the system requirments I might as well get an XBox One seeing as how a graphics card cost about the same price depending on where I look.

Windows 10 Only: Not that big of a deal for me. I mean I think I'm one of the few people that have little to no problems with Windows 10. It has done some things I don't like. But they're minor gripes. Probably the biggest issue is as of right now. You can't mod the game like you would Street Fighter 4. Even though I have no experience modding characters I would like to try.

Those that wanna know my PC's specs:

Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor, 3800 Mhz,
Graphics Card : AMD Radeon R5 200 Series
RAM: 16GBs

I suppose if overclock the Graphics Card. I might be able to play it?  But I don't wanna do that. Burning out my Graphics Card then I'll be forced to buy a new one. Not a risk worth taking.