Sunday, April 3, 2016

Diddy Kong Racing - Future Fun Land + Ending

Ah the finale.  To get here you must get a gold trophy in all 4 available trophy races.  Head to the lighthouse at the signpost honk your horn and liftoff.

There's no Challenge level here.

Spaceport Alpha - Honestly this is a test of your flying skills. You need to utilize that R button to make hard turns and get through some narrow passages. To avoid the room with all the lasers might want to pick up the Shield.  The AI truly shows that its a moving brick wall on a set path. 
Silver Coin Challenge: UGH! You're gonna lose a lot of time cause these are at the edges of the track forcing you off the optimal path.

Star City - Short stage. But easy to screw up. At the very beginning if you take the turn wrong. You'll fly off the bridge and there's no easy back up. So Restart.
Silver Coin Challenge: Time to utilize that Power Slide. The coins are on the insides of the sharp 90 degree turns. 

Darkmoon Caverns - Well not bad. But you need to work to catch up after the 2nd loop. I don't recommend power sliding or sliding during the long turns. Doesn't really work out.
Silver Coin Challenge: Not too much trouble just be ready to catch up at the loops.

Spacedust Alley - Easy flying stage. Even have a nice shortcut. 
Silver Coin Challenge: The hardest Silver coins are around the Electric rods. Its hard to angle yourself to grab these. 

Wizpig finale 

Just cause he has rocket doesn't mean he's intimidating. If anything it's rather easier than his first round. You have balloons you can utilize and Wizpig even hits an electric arc every lap.  You do need to maneuver yourself rather carefully cause hitting a wall can cost you a lot of time. The hardest section is the room right before the end. Lasers are firing everywhere. You can either use your shield or fly in the only safe spot of the room. I recommend the later of the 2 as this is the perfect place to use your boost. Missiles don't slow him down too much. You're better off with using boost.  

After that....The End?????