Saturday, April 16, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - A Demon's Charms Ultimate

Another BS Ultimate in this game. This time a super unfair version of Chadornork. 

Now instead of Chadornork switching between Goddess and Demon after getting hit 5 times. It wait's 5 turns before it switches. Meanwhile the Goddess is busy screwing you over. 

You have to hit the goddess with a holy move to make it switch to demon form. Then you have to hit the demon form with one Magic Holy attack to make physical attacks actually work. That's the easy part. 

The hard part is in how insanely fast this boss is. Between selecting a move to use to waiting for it to come out this dude gets 2 attacks. And I shouldn't have to mention that it hits like a truck.  Every 5 turns it'll switch to Goddess which if you didn't count the attacks then you probably just screwed yourself.

This is only half the battle. The 2nd half is luck dependent. Chadornork no longer switches between Goddess and Demon. Now he just stays a demon and is pissed off at you. He'll start spamming spells that if you don't own a "Good" AoE heal you're likely screwed. Add this with Poltergeist which one of the achievement tasks is to not let him use it 3 times. Good Luck...

So what I did is make a setup to where it's actually possible for me to win somehow. 

  • Leon's purpose is to hit the goddess with Banishing Strike since it's holy and sometimes Magic Break. His main purpose is to get out "Hand of the Emperor" so the party can have a 30% Attack and Defense Buff. 
  • Gilgamesh's Purpose is Tauntilate (Draw Fire + Retaliate). Hopefully Chadornork uses physical attacks especially during demon form to capitalize on this. This also buys some time to cast some buffs and heal. 
  • Hope's Purpose is Holy and Fire Magic. Really just casting Diaga once and then sticking to fire spells. Pretty much the only character who's magic stat is actually notable (407 for this fight) compared to the others. He also has his SSB.
  • Cloud's purpose is to Utilize his BSB. Considering the Boss's HP. I need everything I got. 
  • Mog's purpose is healing, buffs, and debuffs. His debuff's happen with Heroic Harmony. Even if the boss resist debuffs it helps regardless.
  • RW is Sentinel Grimoire. Try and lower the damage even further. Doesn't last that long though so some luck is needed at the midpoint and tail end of the fight.

So for the first half of the fight. It goes like this.

  1. Ready the buffs with Mog and someone else (that isn't Leon or Hope). This means Mog uses Shell (and/or) Heroic Harmony (if no charge is ready then bust it out later in the fight). The other guy will use Sentinel Grimoire. (Hopefully this comes out before I force the demon out)
  2. Leon uses Banishing Strike forcing the goddess to switch to demon. 
  3. Hope uses Diaga now enabling the use of Physical attacks. 
  4. Cloud uses either LifeSiphon or Armor Break
  5. Gilgamesh setups Tauntilate (hopefully you're smart enough to use Retaliate first) 
  6. So now I carry on the fight normally getting Heroic Harmony and Hand of the Emperor out when possible. Cloud should be ready with his BSB that I happen to have after about 2-3 of his turns. 
During the fight count the turns Demon has used. Around the 3rd or 4th turn you should chill out for a bit. Cause likely if you're not readying an attack already at this point then you're probably gonna hit the Goddess resulting in a counterattack that screws your party.

Second Half

With the Goddess out the picture it's time to go all out and pray. Want to kill him before he uses Poltergeist 3 times. You also don't want to drag this fight out any longer. Thundaja kills...Poltergeist hurts like hell and adds Sap. You're likely not going to see any physical attacks anymore. So it's really pray that he doesn't straight up kill your party.

Rumors Of this Fight

  • Certain summons don't work despite the boss not being immune or resistant to those elements. Sounds like a bad bug. But I honestly have to go...why summons anyway? 
  • You could possibly just keep the Goddess out and run Tauntilate? 

Yeah I used a Mythril but its my game so who cares? Point is I beat it. So I'm done with this event. I know there's people that frown on this. Saying shit like, "You shouldn't be dying, You shouldn't continue, and you should just S/L."  

Again who cares. And I don't S/L (Save/Load) unless my recording screws up which it did at least 3 times during this fight. And the people that say this crap are people that literally no life this game. Seriously I see the post on this on the official forums and some other forums and when they show off what they have. Those people either sunk tons of cash into the game. Play this game WAY LONGER than the average person. Hack the game, or are just that lucky. 

Seriously I see the stuff they post. And seeing them with all LVL 5 abilities, maxed lvled characters, and 5-7 star rank equipment. That's already a "feeling myself post" but it's also saying that everyone should play this game like they do which is impossible.

Then the people that make post of "I'm FTP (Free-To-Play)" meaning they haven't spent a dollar in the game. Honestly they should just shut up. Cause Free-To-Play or not you still have things other people don't have and your strategies are ones that very few people can copy or even make something similar. 

I know this is fact cause I see those post and can't possibly copy it cause I don't have the equipment or abilities to support such a strategy. The game doesn't exactly drop everything I need to survive. This battle and a few before this was clear proof of that. 

Anyway I'm done with this fight. Moving on to the next which I haven't checked what that is yet.