Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Nightmare Quest (Ultima Buster Nightmare)

The 1st of the 12 Nightmare Quest.  So cause we're obviously running out of quest and stories to talk about in the previous FF games. Seriously we are. At this point most of the FF games are pretty much on the last dungeon of the games. They decided that we need something else. Something to keep the money flowing in to keep the fans happy.  Let's invent Nightmare dungeons. As if we didn't have enough challenge already with the other BS Ultimate and + quests. We even have a story behind it.

Along with the rest of the world that got ruined and removed. We lost 12 ancient powerful abilities. These were locked away somewhere. And now we have the opportunity to get them back. I should bring out that we still don't have a major plot point. You'd think that at this point we'd have dungeons that feature Tyro and the Core classes to tell some kind of story. Nah we just got more challenge dungeons.  I swear this gets annoying with these FTP games. They have a story that could easily be expounded upon. Instead they decide to leave the story alone and milk other crap.

Ok to explain how these work. Once a month for a set period of time the nightmare dungeons open up. Now you can journey into these and try to unlock the hidden abilities. But of course they're sealed by some powerful enemy.  You first have to fight and defeat 4 different bosses from different eras then you can fight the Nightmare boss. 

The Nightmare boss has its own rules you have to follow. Much like an MMORPG game these days. Upon defeating said boss. You can unlock the said hidden ability. Problem is you still have to make these hidden abilities. Which at this point you can't possibly even make them yet. (what a waste).  Only certain characters will get a stat boost for these fights. Which helps. 

I'm not gonna bother explaining the 1st 4 bosses as they're pushovers and act exactly the same as they do in normal and event dungeons. Let's move on to the main portion of this quest.

Ultima Buster (Nightmare)

Rules for this fight

  • Characters that can use LVL 5 Black Magic get a stat boost for this fight. 
  • Physical attacks are useless. Ultima Buster has an insane defense stat and will use Death Counter (Casts Death) as a response to physical attacks. There are ways around this but its complicated and requires luck.
  • AoE attacks (Quake, Ruinga, etc) can also trigger Death Counter if used during Phase 2. 

Well I can already tell you to completely forget about using anything like Power Break, Magic Breakdown, etc. Cause now they're finally getting nullified. You don't need any real damage mitigation since most of this guy's attacks are a coin toss of whether they kill you or they don't kill you.  Really the focus should be on damage and speed. 

Phase 1: 

This is just a normal fight pretty much. Only move you need to worry about is Flare Star. Even then shouldn't be too much to worry about. After damaging it for about 35000 HP. It shifts into Phase 2.

Phase 2:

Now things get hairy. You're on a pseudo-time limit.  The Mana Sphere appears and now that's your target. Ultima Buster has a permanent Reflect status as long as Mana Sphere is on the field. But that's not all. While you're being attacked by spells. The Mana sphere will periodically charge Ultima Buster. After 3 charges you're dead. End of story. Once it has 3 charges Ultima Buster will use Ultima Nightmare on your party outright killing them. Unless you just happen to be packing Reraise your party's dead. If you destroy the Mana Sphere beforehand you'll still get hit with Ultima Nightmare but it won't be as damaging. 

Ultima Nightmare at full power. Welcome to Die!

You must direct all you spells towards the mana sphere. Forget about Quake and other AoE's unless you want to risk triggering Death Counter. Depending on the element the Mana Sphere is hit with. It will counter with beneficial party effects. 

  • Ice and Water = Heal the party.
  • Fire and Lightning = Heavily damage Ultima Buster little damage to Mana Sphere
  • Wind & Poison = Nothing
  • Earth = Nothing (it's nullified)
  • Dark, Holy, & Non-Elemental = Heavy damage to Mana Sphere little damage to Ultima Buster

How you go about this is your choice in the end but it should be obvious what to make use of. You also need to make a judgement call as to when to use what attack. When Mana Sphere is defeated. Ultima Buster attacks with Ultima Nightmare and you go straight into Phase 3. 

Phase 3: 

It's do or die time. From this point onward Ultima Buster will attack you with Nightmare versions of elemental spells. These will ignore a party member's resistance stat pretty much killing them in one shot most of the time. So you need hurry up and kill it with all you got. 

Possible strategies

  • Well if you happen to possess multi-hit elemental attacks. These come in handy for this fight. The Mana sphere will respond to each and every hit it takes. Thus you can heavily damage Ultima Buster.  
  • Reflect can get around Death Counter. But don't rely on it to reflect Ultima Buster's spells.