Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX) - Ch.1 Magic City Gariland

Sorry I'll post the opening battle soon. Just working around the copyright.  

1st Actual battle that you can lose. 

This battle is just to learn the ropes. The chemist will drag out the battle. But that's ok. You can pick up the Crystals left behind by the enemy when they die. I'm going to utilize a glitch where I can get a ton of JP on certain jobs.  This makes things easier. 

I honestly don't care about those that complain about levels and whatnot as they don't amount to much in this game. Seriously. You could be LVL 99 and still die like a punk. Also being higher level ends these fights quicker.  You don't want to sit on the same fight for an hour do you? 

Well the PSX version is shorter than PSP obviously. There's not as many battles.