Sunday, April 10, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Almighty Shinra Cup

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After you release Omega Weapon in the creature creator Shinra gets an idea for very Hojo of him. He absorbs power of Omega Weapon and becomes the lord of fiends. So times to put a stop to him. Shinra opens the Almighty Shinra Cup. It's the fiend portal again but no Game Over Rule thank god. Almighty Shinra is no pushover and you might as well have some method of stopping or surviving his attacks. Preferably the former.

He starts off with Cilone. A multi-hit attack. Then follows up with Ultima, then Haste, Cilone again. Meteor. And so on. Yeah best not to let him do all that. A great way to break this game and abuse its system. Give a monster the following.

  • Auto-Haste
  • Critical
  • Quick Attack
  • Vigor (Just in-case measure)

Hopefully your monster's speed is pretty high.  You can watch it or them pound away at Shinra as he never gets a turn. Hopefully. After you defeat him you can recruit him to the party.