Friday, April 8, 2016

Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Via Infinito Floor Infinity

Ah the end of the journey. The last 20 floors are hell to get through. You start encountering the bosses you faced previously but the worst to encounter is the Black Elemental and Sleep Sprout combo. Sleep Sprout pretty much fires off its powder inflicting all status effects and lowering your stats significantly. Black know it by now.

Anyway on to the main event(s). 

If you oversouled this guy you have a slightly easier time. If not try not to die. Every hit is pretty damaging enough to kill your party. Genesis pretty much ends you. If you're unlucky to see 

After the fight ends you'll see an old man go Hokuto No Ken on Paragon and challenge you. Trema is no pushover and one of the toughest bosses of the game. Each attack he does hits 3 times doing quite a bit of damage. Around 50% and 20% HP he'll cast Meteor which does damage based on your HP. You don't want to have a dead party member with you as that pretty much spells game over. You need all 3 party members alive (or auto-life) to be able to tank it. It's a war of attrition here. I can't tell you what the best damaging thing to do is as there's different methods to go about it. Once victory is achieved. You're done...sorta.

If you come back to floor Infinity you'll find Paragon just standing around willing to accept any challenge. Well that ends this bit. Time to get back to the main game.