Thursday, April 7, 2016

Megaman X6 - Northpole Area X

Definitely mixed it up on how I usually run this. Usually the first thing I do is get Zero. Oh well. What's different about this game compared to the others. The Reploid/Mavericks have a backstory to actually be sad about. Each and everyone of these bosses (except 2 of them) got screwed over in the past and it's because of that these guys became evil. 

But let's talk about the stage. Well not much to talk about. It's classic ice physics. Oh wait the complaint I got on bad game design came up here LOL.  Yes it's bad game design that you have to climb up hill against ice (when all you have to do is dash jump), avoid ice blocks that do a lot damage, and avoid more ice blocks that can kill you.  Yes that's bad game design. *Sarcasm*  Not like you never dealt with this in previous Megaman games. You were able to make it through then what's the problem now? Maybe you're using the "bad game design" card as an excuse to make up for your mistakes. Who knows. 

Anyway there's far worse things. For one the game could've just decided never to give you the option to continue from the checkpoint you reached and force you to start from the beginning. Another thing the game could've done is not leave around tons of extra lives (every reploid you rescue is an extra life).  The game could just leave you with no option to make it through these traps. 

This stage isn't hard. The only thing that can make it slightly harder. Is the nightmare effects it can have. 
  • Ghost X/Zero: A ghost of X or Zero appears and charges at you. Defeated by using Guard Shell
  • Fireballs: Fireballs rain from the sky.  This is a really worthless one as they don't really hit you. 
Boss fight. Even in Xtreme Mode Wolfang is the easiest. Not much to say about him. Only when he starts getting desperate and charging at you is when things get annoying.