Monday, April 11, 2016

Trying out Demos: Wipeout HD (Demo)

You have no idea how long it took me to find this game let alone a demo of it. I had forgot this was possible to download. Every time I gave thought to search it. I always ended up finding the Wipeout based off that game show. I could never find this searching on PSN using my Console. Like this game was removed from PSN or something. But I run a search on my PC and pull it up. Weird huh.

As far as my history with this game goes. I played the first one. I played it on PSX and I owned the PC version. The PSX and PC disc look almost identical to each other. Very few differences. Between then and now. This game is hard. It's not your Mario Kart, It's not Sega All-Stars' Racing. It's not F-Zero. Those got blown away by this. This is on a completely different scale. The racers will not let you take first easily and it will take multiple tries to even get into the top 3 positions. Even more effort required to stay there. 

The weapons are dangerous to deal with. Even more so now since the 2nd game and further on added the shield gimmick. So now you can die. There's ways to keep yourself alive but it's a split second decision of what you need to do. I think Mine and Missiles are among the worst of weapons to deal with. Pretty much getting hit by almost any weapon drastically drops your speeds just long enough for whoever's behind you to pass and gain a reasonable lead against you. It's worse if you picked one of the "easy mode" ships. As they're designed for better handling but there top speed is ugh. 

I liked the look of this game then and I like it now. The feel of speed which not too many racing games give. The look of the game is beautiful. And the music is among the best racing music I've heard. What's even better is the whole snapshot function. You can replay the race and take photo's to show off and use as wallpaper. The setting you can play with are great too. It's not just a random ctrl + Prt Scr function. 

What's even better about this game? IT HAS A CUSTOM SOUNDTRACKS FUNCTION! Something a lot of PS3 Games lacked. And something a lot of current gen console games just don't use at all. Love this. Anyway Definitely a game on my list to acquire. Actually it's been there. Just a real pain to actually find a working copy. Especially with that old somewhat lame game show having the same name and available on most consoles.....-_-