Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Sweegy Woods Battle

Well its a simple battle. But not one to take lightly like any battle.

Goblins are weak to Ice so they'll fall pretty quick if you're packing Ice Spells.

The Red Panther is weak to Earth but you only really have 3 Earth attacks in the game. So...go figure.

Bomb's are weak to water and there's only 2 water attacks in the game.

Really it's about striking first. Either lure the enemy closer to you. Or move so fast that you can take care of these creeps.

Delita and Algus will make there own decisions and like the enemy AI they're opportunist. So picking the stupidest action as well as preying on the weak is there thing.

What you have to watch out for is weakend Bombs. They're not afraid to use Self-Destruct which at this point of the game. You're likely to die from it. You can actually use the water to your advantage since Red Panther's can't enter water.

*I had to rerecord this fight so it runs differently from the original recording. I tried to have the same stats or well setup when I originally got here. The original recording got corrupted and unrecoverable.*