Friday, May 13, 2016

Skylanders SuperChargers + Racing Sky Action Racing Pack

Skylanders SuperChargers + Racing Sky Action Racing Pack

Alright so a slight recovery and lucky find on ebay managed to net me the Sky Action Racing Pack Trophy. I don't want the skylander. I'm not really interested in the character or vehicle. I also don't have that kind of money still to throw around. So I just got the trophy by itself which is how they should be sold.
So like the other 2 trophies this unlocks the ability to play as the villians in races. New tracks and mirrored tracks.

Well the tracks are rather refreshing compared to the sea one.  Actually something to look at and the new racers are pretty OP.

Racing Edition

So getting the Racing Edition out the way. We unlock 2 new tracks. Well kinda.

Cluck's Cukoo Nest

Well this appears in the normal version as well. So this version is kinda watered down. I did finally learn about how to deal with those spider webs. Basically just do a barrel roll as you're passing through.  Well the falling eggs is something to deal with but easily passable. It's very easy to gain the lead. The problem is unlike the main version, this one there's sections where if you don't take the alternate route you'll end up forced on the main road.

The Clock Rock

I like the description here and in the main version you see why this track is the way it is. Wolfgang messed with the great clock again (like he did in Trap Team).  And created this track. While I would expect a rather chaotic track with traps, obstacles, etc. It's pretty tame. The use of colors is pretty great making the track come to life even during transitions. However this version is watered down compared to the main version. There's not as many short cuts or obstacles to deal with. It's also somewhat deceptive at points making you think you can go a certain way but in reality its a wall.



The character exclusive to the Racing Edition (Wii/3DS/Mobile) is Painyatta. You remember that villian? Well he's here He's not too bad. I have to say that his vehicle looks silly. As well as his model. I guess having his graphics scaled down doesn't help him much. There's nothing to really note about him. Just looks.

Ok on to the Main Version of Superchargers

So you unlock the same 2 tracks as mentioned before. And have one villian different from the others.

Cluck's Cukoo Nest

Well things get heated up after the first lap. The turbo boost start moving as well as the eggs that you don't want to hit.

The Clock Rock

Well now there's obstacles and alternate paths.  It's up to you to decide which path is best. The main thing you want to keep note is the shortcut at the end. I actually couldn't figure why people were passing me till I saw the AI drive through that route.


It should be noted that Kaos is a Sky Vehicle. But I already reviewed him.

Lord Stratosfear

I like all these racers as opposed to the sea ones. They have attacks that hit behind them.  Stratosfear's frontal attack isn't that notable. His rear attack has wide range and covers a lot of space.

Chef PepperJack

Kick in the afterburners. His rear attack is a turbo boost and pretty much leaves a damaging trail of fire for a short time.


Cluck is the only guy without a rear attack.  His frontal attacks do a lot of damage. Just making them hit is the issue.


My man. The sexy werewolf in leather. I do wish he was a land vehicle but this'll do. His frontal attack spreads out as it travels. And his Rear attack does a lot of damage. There's quite a few places you can throw around and essentially troll the other racers.

Boss Races

I have to say that Jet-Vac wrecks everyone in these races.  The AI just can't do anything about his attacks once they hit.

Well that concludes the Sky Action Racing pack. Now just one more pack. The Land. Hope I can acquire the trophy. I'm not really interested in Trigger Happy. That's more my sister's character.