Friday, May 13, 2016

Sonic 4: Episode 2 - Well Uh What To Say?

So it was a long while back that a friend gifted me Sonic 4: Episode 2 on Steam.  I didn't think about playing it cause there's so many other games to get to. Also I didn't want to install it and just never play it. So during my time of figuring what to play I decided why not Sonic 4.  It also gives a test to the other capture software I have that I just never tried. So double review? / Raptr

So with the AMD capture card that came with my PC. They pre-installed software that's supposed to optimize your games in terms of quality and sound. It also came with capture/streaming software. I took one look at it years ago and told myself it's not worth it. After all pre-installed software that comes with your computer or OS is usually garbage vaporware. But considering the vaporware I have in terms of capture/streaming software this couldn't possibly be any worse.

So when I booted it up. It was kinda confusing looking at the GUI. I mean there were a lot of menus I didn't really understand on how to actually start recording. I only found the option to optimize my games. Which the game optimization is rather limited. It'll only optimize games that many people who also use the software play. So if you have a game that no one's played. It won't optimize it. It also rather puts in your face to download/purchase games they reccomend. Like League of Legends, Smite, Star Wars, you know the popular stuff.

Well to get the recording software to work. I have to register myself to you might've noticed in my description videos a link to the site. Basically I gotta register it. Then I can link it to many other accounts like Twitch, youtube, google etc. But rather takes a lot of work of recording. It's already optimize for the most part to play efficiently. And it updates regularly. Basically the recording starts the minute you load the game. And it'll let you know that it's recording. You can tell it to stop recording with hotkeys or just close the game.  Then afterwards you can create highlight clips and upload it to there own personal site. You can also upload it to youtube. It doesn't eat a lot of space while recording and it doesn't cause slowdown. So much better than PLAYCLAW 5!

Easy to setup so I'm satisfied with this program. Doesn't take me long to edit either. I used to have to go straight into Adobe Premiere to edit everything and have to sync the sound properly. Now I don't. Thank god.

Sonic 4 Ep 2

Well this game I'm still somewhat reluctant to play it after Episode 1.  The problems are more or less the same but its still dealable. My general problems are minor and rather easy to solve.

Controls Small Issues

The physics are more or less the same. You can still climb uphill with no momentum. I still have the problem of jumping and homing attacking enemies. And I'm definitely not used to doing tag actions all the time. I don't really think of using tag actions unless the game says to use them.


Well there's unfair things in all the levels. But the bosses are definitely not the same. Honestly its just what I expect from Sonic. That whole DIMPS ruins Sonic thing is just something most pissed off fans say to excuse why they're dying or taking hits in stages. Yet you can find videos of people destroying the game.

Sylvania Castle Zone

Well not much unfair here. Just my reaction times suck. I already know the fastest route by my reaction times suck to be able to make it properly.  I didn't like the boss. Well during the last phase I was wondering why I couldn't hit Eggman. I guess I have to wait a bit then attack. Also have to utilize my Tag Action which I'm not used to at all.

Oil Desert Zone

Oh god so many things want me dead. Act 3 being the top offender. The sand just crawls up really fast to kill me. The boss took me a bit to figure out the last phase. Not only did I have to be fast enough but to make sure I'm on the right side.

White Park Zone

I honestly expected myself to die on Act 1 since I tend to get greedy and just jump early.  Act 2 was by far my favorite. Act 3 was a WTF. I felt like I just experienced the death trap in Sonic 2, and the drum thing in Sonic 3. My first thought is to kill those walruses cause all they do is block my path and force me to go another way but this one was move quick or die. Metal Sonic was fun but I totally did not see that last attack coming. No I didn't really watch gameplay of this game. Just bits and pieces ages ago.

Sky Fortress Zone

So intimidating. And Scary!  Anyone that's played Sonic 2 knows that anything that attempts to remake this 2D stage will be a nightmare. It wasn't as bad as I thought but still scary. Took me awhile to figure out how to beat Metal Sonic. I'm more afraid of falling off the plane than anything else.

Death Egg mk II

Oh joy. Well first took me forever to figure out how to move past the trolling Eggman. I thought well I can just out run it or jump over. But no the game apparently wants me to use my Tag Actions. Like I said I'm just not used to using Tag Actions. I feel its unnecessary most of the time. The the Metal Sonic race.  Many times where i'm clearly ahead but Rubberband AI kicks in and he pulls ahead of me at the last second. Again apparently the solution is simple and just use my Tag Actions.

Then Egg Heart or whatever. This took a few tries to get down. The first many times I avoided using Tails cause I figured I would just fly into something to kill me. I mean you don't have to use a Tag Action until the last 2 hits. I really didn't want to use tag actions cause I felt it was unneeded. I even died cause I took too long. So Eggman gets pissed off and throws you into a black hole? I dunno.

So I beat the game problem is I didn't get all the Chaos Emeralds.  I don't have a problem with the special stages too much. I just don't like or care for doing them. I mean as far as I remember for Super Sonic in 2D games its just way too fast for me to handle and I end up killing myself in the later stages.  I might come back to this later like for 2 Player or something I dunno. I haven't decided.

I guess the game is better. I can't play episode Metal cause I don't have the first game and I don't have the DLC. I'm still pretty mad that Sega decided not to release Episode II on the Wii.  It's not like the graphics was any different from before. It at least decided not to reuse the same bosses again. And put a new spin on older levels. Music is great as always.  Wonder if there's a play as Tails mode.