Monday, June 27, 2016

Commentary Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (PS3) - Gwendolyn Prologue

Kind of a trial run here. Like I said before with Odin Sphere. I'm gonna do a commentary, Non-Commentary, and a Boss-Only playlist. To hopefully keep everyone satisfied. 

I will say that with Gwendolyn's story. I wasn't exactly awake. And so many things happened in-between recordings that I just wanted to quit on it. For one there's this insane rendering time. I can't record anything else unless its really short while rendering. And the rendering times is hours. Almost half a day. 

Another thing that happened is that I recorded this at night. I can't exactly get loud, wild, or anything like that. There's other people in this house and they have to go to work in the morning. The other issue is that "The Walls Have Ears" I can't really talk about much if at all without my family listening in thinking I'm talking about them. Often times I just talk about a random subject to make sure they don't want to listen. It rarely works though. Generally they think I'm saying something about them and then hold it against me. Funny when I am talking about them they aren't listening. Problem is there's virtually no time frame where there I am in my house alone.

Since I recorded this at night into the late night, early morning, time frame. I got really tired. I don't naturally talk while playing games unless I'm comfortable. 

Last thing that happened towards the end of I'd say Chapter 6 and 7. I had many accidents while recording. My mic fell. And the worst one was that my PS3 Pad malfunctioned. I tried fixing it but it's just shot. I need to buy a new SixAxis. Which will have to wait till next month or the month after. I have corded controllers however they're actually pretty crappy in terms of quality. All of them easily have shorts in the wiring. I have a PS2-PS3 Controller converter but it only really works on certain games. I've tried it on this game and didn't have too much functionality when needed. 

So that's it. Hope you enjoy.