Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX): Fort Zeakden Battle

Well the last fight of Chapter 1. Can be quite a doozy. Well the first thing that should be noted is that the enemy loves to pick on Delita. Cause his level is likely so much lower than everyone else. The enemy is a total opportunist in this fight. This is also a fight where you fight from 2 different sides. 

Algus is Knight sporting a Bow. Which is rather smart. The Knights are annoying cause they'll tank most things.
The Mages are even more annoying considering how far away they are. 
You can end this easily by just killing Algus. But if you want to take advantage of the battle and try and get Crystals from the enemy just leave Algus alone. Heck steal from him if you can. The chances are Delita will get knocked out which turns his focus back on you.