Sunday, June 19, 2016

I Guess It Is Perfectly Okay to claim old VideoGame Music (happened again yep)

So this time a partnership company that works with SoundCloud is the culprit this time. But they can't take all the blame. There's blame to share as well.

So the company Repost Network is now working to ensure that SoundCloud users get there money. This time the claim in question is... *drum roll*

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

The song titled "When the Night Falls", which is the hub world music for the game is now being claimed.

How? Well remember when I made a post on a simaller incident awhile back about how a rap group used music from Samurai Showdown in one of there songs?  Yeah the same thing is happening here This time a the person is akihabara! of SoundCloud.  (

He/She made a song that contains a nice big chunk if not the entire song of "When the Night Falls".

Here's akihabara!'s song

And Here's NiGHTs Journey of Dreams - When the Night Falls

Gee only 1 of 2 things can explain why they sound the same.

  1. akihabara! used to work for Sega and composed music for some of there games. Then the contract was up and now this person is working on his/her own. Probably got the rights back somehow. This can happen. But chances of this happening extremely rare. Like Monster Hunter rare item drop rate rare. 
  2. This person likes to remix songs for fun and left this on their Soundcloud. Monetized it and may or may not have forgot that they made this song.
The 3rd option is that they made this song from scratch and just happens to sound like another song. Yeah....

Anyway the release dates of This game and the song in question.

Nights Journey of Dreams: November 13, 2007
akihabara!'s nights: June 10th, 2015

Hmmm...Something's telling me that stuff like this is going to keep happening.