Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Odin Sphere: Leisfa....HOW DO YOU SAY THAT?! Day 1 Gwendolyn

Took me forever to finally get this off Gamefly. Not cause its rented out. Surprisingly this game wasn't that popular on Gamefly. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator was totally rented out. And still DragonBall Xenoverse has shown no signs of ever being in stock. Even worse the first copy sent out is missing in the mail. I have a feeling I know what happened to it. Same as my previous packages and mail. Delivered to the wrong address. I likely won't see it again.

So now I picked it up. 

Well first the installation was long but what isn't long when it comes to installing games on consoles. So starting the game. Well its honestly hard to find anything wrong with the game? I mean you just have to have a hatred for something specifically in the game. I guess you could hate English Voice Acting but if you hate that then you likely been hating English Voice Acting for quite some time. Point is it's difficult to point out something wrong in this game.

This is a legit HD Remaster. Most games that say HD basically just upscaled everything and didn't do much else. There's actual effort put into this game.

If I was to really point out something wrong with the game (This probably only applies to PS3 and Vita versions).  The game doesn't run 60fps. I can't difference between 60 and 30 fps. But when I recording the file details stated it was 29.97fps. Either its some code built into the capture card or game or just just a PS4 only thing.

I only bring this up cause recently checking on my Capture Cards Manufacturer (AverMedia). I find in big bright letters. It's illegal to use a splitter to bypass locks on games or whatever to record HD Content and the like.
This warning shows up on every product page of Avermedia.

Now this is something I don't care about in terms of graphics. I mean only certain people seem to care about what's 60fps, and how many pixels. What I care about? Is how the game actually looks. Not how smoothly it runs. Not how thanks to my TV I can view this clear quality.  I mean stuff like Artwork. Giving me a view that I can remember when I think about the game. That's what I feel is important in Graphics.  I mean look at Undertale which purposely selected to use the 8/16 bit sprite animation. You see all this fanart of the game that may look differently but that's how I imagine things. Another Example. Azure Striker Gunvolt. It's heavily underrated simply cause it doesn't run 60fps (eyeroll).  Yet the game is insanely memorable. I always think of the special attack animation cut-ins when it comes to that game (along with the music).

Your game can run at 4000p (yeah that exist), 120fps, blah blah blah. But if you can't give me anything to remember the game by art design wise. Then I don't really care. 

I guess a minor complaint is that I don't get a choice of what character I can play as first. I think Saga Frontier spoiled me in this department. That game gave you a list a characters to choose from each with there own stories. They somewhat tie together. The same can be said of this game. But you basically go through one character at a time. 

Moving on to the actual game.  Tutorial Mode.  Controls incredibly simple. I mean I remember videos that make the game look insanely complicated. Like you're not gonna do all this cool stuff unless you're good at the game. But about 10 minutes in and I'm already doing crazy stuff. 

I'm not gonna spoil everything in the story you can watch that on your own. Or just play the game.


Gameplay Summary

So Gwendolyn's story starts. 

So uh....I think that "phantom that makes all these taunts" is Gwendolyn's shadow lol. (Persona 4 Reference).  It might as well be. All the things it was saying were pretty harsh. So in this game Odin's somewhat of a dick. Almost like Valkyrie Profile 2's Odin.  The bigger dick is Briggan. Who looks like Dr. Eggman on Steroids and he skipped leg day. Think Dr.Eggman and 4th Gear Luffy fused together.

Ok the bosses don't around even if they are midbosses. They can do a serious FU rage mode.  I have a feeling someone might complain how they can't do combos on bosses. Cause you can't exactly combo them like the normal enemies. You have to stun them in some way. But even the normal enemies know how to fight. They can easily block attacks forcing you to get around there defenses.

So chapter 2. This chick Velvet I'm after. I'm at first thinking oh this is easy. Then...she starts throwing out attacks like crazy. HEY STOP USING ITEMS! ONLY I CAN USE ITEMS!  After defeating her. We have a bit of a Jerry Springer type of an affair going on. Odin slept with another woman and has another daughter.

Odin: Gwendolyn shut up!
Gwen: But daddy!

So a long conversation happens. Then Briggan shows how big of dick he is. And yet this guy isn't King? He essentially blackmail's Odin saying he'll tell everyone about his affair unless you let him do what he wants. Man if Odin was his God version. Briggan would die where he stands.

So the next chapter. Climbing the mountains. This sub boss....OMG it did one attack totally different and didn't see coming and died instantly.  So later meet up with Briggan who's showing how much of a dick he is. I mean this guy goes as far as suggesting rape towards Gwendolyn and Velvet.  I remember this guy when I watched MasterLL fight him back on the PS2 version almost a decade ago. I'm not letting this guy do anything. He has this attack where he grabs you and forces his choice of alcoholic beverage down your throat essentially stunning you for days.  I find it rather funny I can knock his hammers that he's throwing like a Hammer Bro back at him and anything else.

Well this chapter didn't end well. Apparently there's some law where if a valkyrie sucks in combat or is deemed unworthy. Odin puts you under a sleep spell and when you wake up you're automatically married to some man. So I guess its kind like that Las Vegas cliche where you get drunk and apparently a lot of things happened over night that you don't remember but you wake up next to someone in a hotel room. But man that has to suck. Seriously.

Okay so next chapter...Gwendolyn has this key (which is a wedding ring) that pretty much activates the Doomsday device. And she goes...Imma give it to daddy.


Well this isn't stupid or anything. At least there's a lot of resistance to deal with. OMG THIS AIRSHIP STOP SHOOTING ME!!!  So the boss is...daddy? Oh no its Briggan again and he's possessed daddy's body. And he's still bringing up rape undertones.

So we gave the ring to daddy...and now Gwen's husband is missing...Hmmm....Well lets check things out. A volcano this time. And this dude reminds me of that one fire guy in Samurai showdown. And he's apparently one of those womanizer types. Somebody just play one of those "I'm too sexy" songs for this guy. Seriously. Even his servants are in practically nothing. It's like I just walking into a "Tales of..." stream (I'm not saying that this is common in Tales of streams. But I do see often that a lot people will make the females wear the beach/bathing suit costumes).

And we found Gwen's husband. Getting beat by a baby dragon? Ok seriously? A baby...well okay then. You're not just some baby dragon. THIS THING IS SHOOTING NUKES outs its mouth. After a gruelling fight. Mr fire guy tries to stop Gwen and gets rejected for a marriage offer.

So back home and I swear fan girls will squel at Oswald laying in bed injured.  Oh the wedding ring Gwen gave to daddy. Stolen by the fairies. Yeah....ok....Oswald's not happy. In fact you just threw him further into depression. And uh...reaper....dude...turn around....oh crap.

Ok so in the forest. Man I am digging this scenery. And wow the trial stages are tough. I was stubborn for this. Ok so the boss is another playable character....THAT IS NOT A CROSSBOW! THAT IS A FREAKIN SHOTGUN/ROCKET LAUNCHER! Not having many items I had to improvise a victory. This girl just loves playing keep away. STOP RUNNING! So got the ring back. And apparently our Gwen's in love. Is it cause of the spell or is it legit love?

Yeah back home and Oswald's in the underworld. -_-

Well know where we're headed. So the game gives another gimmick to make note of. If its too dark use a specific item to light the place up. Problem is the light is only in a finite area. It's so small. So really have to be careful. These reapers look freakin sweet. Seriously Castlevania you might wanna take notes from this art direction. I seriously had some close calls. Then the boss. The zombies too these are real zombies. Not those lame RE4, Last of Us, etc crap. Seriously a zombie rising out of the ground and then rushing in your face to try and strike you. Dude.

Odette....she's the clingy want everything type. And she wants Oswald. She's also rather pissed Odin's been stealing crystals from her. So fighting her. Not too bad. I mean I didn't leave her much room to attack or rather I tried to constantly stay at her backside.

So story's over...well Odin tells his daughter to hand over the ring. And Gwendolyn is like nope. She knows the value of the wedding ring. Although since its a plot device...we'll be seeing this again.  Odin is like godamnit cause he loves his daughter. And then a love scene to end her story. Next up is the Pooka...who's name I STILL CAN"T REMEMBER!

Another I should bring up...I really want that food. And I'm rather scared of the travelling restaurant Pooka...Seriously he pops whip out a kitchen and dinning set. And holds in hands a Chef's Knife and a Frying Pan. Freakin scary.

Alright that was Day 1. I'll do the next character probably next week. Got something to do this weekend. It's gonna take forever to upload all this. I did do a commentary version. Also gonna upload a non commentary version. So everyone's happy.