Sunday, June 5, 2016

Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax - Score Attack Mode (Edited)

Unedited Version Here:

edited a 5 hour video down to well this long. So you don't see all the continues just highlights of the BS and the winning match.

Course A:

  • Boss Junpei: Starts off with 9 Runs. 
  • Boss Teddie: Items are more favorable to him. 
  • Boss Naoto: Moves that affect the Fate Trigger hit for more than 1 count.
  • Boss Yosuke: Infinite Sukujaka
  • Boss Labrys: Infinite Red Axe (in other words She turned into MvC)
  • Boss Shadow Labrys: Stronger attacks, Asterius can inflict status effects
  • Boss Aigis: 999 Bullets, Infinite Orgia Mode, Unreasonably overpowered Orgia mode specials.
  • Boss Mitsuru: EVERY HIT ADDS FREEZE Status (including throw breaks) 
  • Boss Sho: Attacks add Panic, Beserk, and poison status
  • Boss Elizabeth: High Powered Specials, Mediarahan fully heals and quickly, Ghastly Wail almost always kills, Her Instant Kill only requires one hit to activate instead of 3.