Friday, June 17, 2016

Stuff to Do Part 1

Aside from getting things uploaded. There's a lot to do to revamp the Channel. It's gonna be a busy June, July.

I won't be around next Weekend. I have something to attend and will be out all day those 3 days. So I'm making a schedule to get working for videos releases.

One thing I will say for sure. Those guys at the youtube google+ page that make such insane suggestions. I have to say they're a bunch of idiots. No real offense to them. But the suggestions they give are beyond idiotic. Never going back there if I can help it.

Schedule Videos

Yeah I used to just leave my videos unlisted when ready and release them in the morning first thing when I wake up. But that doesn't seem to work at least as a suggestion from a professional. Also I don't think people know that I leave videos unlisted. I figured people would know. If they wanted to do a binge watch. But that doesn't seem to be the case.
So I'm going to schedule them as best as I can.  Right now I'm thinking Morning, Noon, and Evening.


I found my own solution to this issue. Cause I think commentary is unneeded. I'm just gonna make 2 versions of certain videos. A commentary version and a non-commentary version. I really don't have much to say about games. I just like to play. Also I don't live on my own so I can't just say whatever and not expect a backlash. The walls have ears lets just say that. And when they hear things they like to bring it up at awkward moments thinking I'm talking about them when I'm not.

Make the effort to finish games.

I still have unfinished games and like I said before It's really cause I have too many or I get bored with them. But I am working to finish them.

Not "Boss Rage" But "Boss _______"

Yeah I'm working making this kind of video. But to avoid angry Maximillian fans that have no common sense and won't accept equality. I have to call it something else.  I made a link in Twitter about some possible names.
This is coming. Just taking some time.


I still hate what livestreaming has become. But I will work something out to try and do it. It's a lot of work to put in though. I don't really want to use Twitch. Cause Twitch has turned into a wild party and honestly I don't think anyone is reaching there viewers when you get so many at once. Especially when it turns into a Subscriber only chat. Yeah lets give gifts to people that subscribed to you leaving the other guys who are either too poor or too smart not to throw away money out. I really get tired of seeing twitch chats full of silly icons. I literally close the chat whenever I decide to watch a stream there now.

No M Rated Games

This isn't changing. I'm not budging on this. I've seen way too many gruesome things and I don't need to be reminded of it or be influenced by it. You can argue, justify, whatever about this all you want. I'm not budging. Literally seeing people die or get mortally injured up close in real life has that kind of effect on me.