Thursday, June 9, 2016

Update - June 9th, 2016: Well Time to Rework Things

Well a lot of things happened in just this week alone. But aside from that it's a lot to talk about. So let's get the ball rolling. I'll make a seperate post talking about the games played itself.

Partnership Issues -> Looking up?

So I recently made plans to switch Youtube Partners. The main reason was I felt like I was being left in the dark to my own devices. I wasn't making much and things were working to a point of failure. So during the switch I told Collab I was switching. They told me that I couldn't switch cause I was still under contract for 9 months. -_- Go Figure. Then I got a call from the manager. 

First thing was apparently the old Manager quit a while ago so I wasn't getting any updates at all. -_- 2nd we started talking business. Unexpected things happened that I can only say was an act of god. So the cut changed from 70/30 to 85/15 in my favor. That's a plus. And they're gonna get one of there guys to help me get back on track with my channel. Yeah that's an act of god there. I can't really say anything else caused that to happen. I was generally expecting Collab to be jerks and use the contract as there leash on me. Didn't see that bit at all.  

I'm still looking at the other company that approached me with a different offer. But at the same time I'm dealing with what I have. I'd like to fulfill my contract instead of trying to weasel my way out of it. There are ways out of it but that can be dishonest besides Collab hasn't truly done me wrong especially since on Day 1 compared to the other companies Collab isn't asking for unreasonable crap. I remember one group that approached me saying that I must have commentary on all my videos and delete the ones that don't have commentary (rather stupid requirement especially since they approached me and I do to no commentary at all). Another one was asking me to add there logo to all my videos. (meaning re-upload every last one with there annoying logo covering the screen). Yeah so Collab was best for me. Even if they're not focused on gaming as much.

Anyway the other guys I was looking was called Screenwave Media. Which apparently is with famous guys like Cinnemassacre (aka AVGN, BoardJames, etc.) TeamFourStar (DBZ Abridged guys), etc. So this already has a good showing. It's not who they're already partnered with that appealed to me or the pay cut. But that it looks like they focus on channels to help them grow.

So that's why I thought of changing in the first place. But with this better offer or really change in contract along with some help. Maybe things can start looking up.


Well its been quiet around here. I'm not really happy with the family. I mean my uncle is making some rather bad decisions on his health. His diabetes, drinking, and smoking are taking a toll on his body to where he now has to be on dialysis. And if you don't know what dialysis is like. It's draining in all aspects to the point that you're dead tired and emotionally feeling like you want to die. He goes on saying before he takes another shot that his doctor says it's okay.  


I don't know what doctor would even say it's okay for you to drink when you have all these health problems that caused this in the first place. 

I'm actually somewhat happy I'm rather distant from the other family members. They want to stir up trouble that isn't about them. Then want to mediate everything as if they're the heroes. I don't wanna get dragged up in it. Honestly It's never a good time being around them. They know how to make you feel uncomfortable very easily.

My Own Health

Well this is a mixed bag. Some cases I'm alright. But I've been unreasonably tired. I want to just call it being old but still. Having to sleep so much and then not feel like doing anything or just can't get the will power to start or finish something is troubling. 

My Youtube Channel/Twitch Channel

I've been thinking of revamping the channel. Generally starting with the banner. The Banner is old. I mean really old. I rather draw up a new one. It's not that it's a lot of work (even though it is). It's that I have no idea what to use. I wish I had the money to just pay someone for this task. But I don't have the money and I feel like it won't say me. Like I won't be satisfied with it. Heck I actually had a ton of ideas. Just never put them into work.  

I thought of streaming again. Just haven't established a time. To make it worse live streaming has changed so much I know I can't fill in what people want to see. Most I know is that I have certain things I can utilize even though they won't be satisfactory to the heavy standard people. You know the ones that want HD only, commentary, and other loads of crap.

Microphone Not Working

This is a rather big problem. Even if I wanted to do commentary (I don't). I can't. The issue isn't my microphone. I mean rather difficult for a microphone to break if it's rarely used. It's Windows 10. I looked into this issue I'm not the only one with it. Tons of people have it. And there doesn't seem to be a good fix for it that actually works. 

The problem is HD VDeck. Which is pretty much the sound card driver. Everyone knows Windows 10 likes to update EVERYTHING! So apparently the problem lies in the update. I tried rolling back and I tried system restore. My system restore doesn't go back that far. I don't want to do a destructive system restore either. (where you basically factory reset your PC). Windows 10 is actually good to me aside from this problem. (inb4Win10isapossystemcomment).  Basically the driver doesn't recognize that I have a microphone plugged in. I still have sound. Just no mic. I'm waiting on a fix for this problem. 

The things needed for this PC.

Well the eternal updating PC thing is still ongoing. I have to update the videocard. I'm sticking with AMD cards not only cause they're cheap but I'm given software to record and stream easily with. (Screw OBS and those other streaming programs). Like I said before OBS doesn't like to help people or just me with whatever problems I have. And I have major issues with OBS.  The others either cost or have horrible customer service. I do want to update the video card. I mean there's a lot of games out there I can't play cause the video card's an issue. I really hate how some random dude responded to me saying, "You don't need a new videocard. It's just the company trying to make you buy a new one." This is stupid for main reason that he turns around and says I do need a new videocard. He was really just hating a specific game. Not anything else.  Other than that I need a new videocard and I hope I choose the right one once I save up.

I want a good recording software for Windows XP. Yeah I know Windows XP is unsupported. But I can still play games on that laptop with no issues.  I've been having issues on this PC since it was still in Windows 7 with old games. At least old games not on Steam. Honestly that's stupid. Starcraft wants to screw with the colors. Tyrian 2000 doesn't like my controller or know the difference from a mouse, keyboard, and controller, Virtua Fighter 2 just doesn't wanna work. Sonic 3D Blast says no, and other games straight up crash. Yeah it's clear the newer OS don't care for old games. And I don't like using some system emulator just to play a single game. 

I understand why old games have trouble on newer systems. But the newer systems should have some sort of fix or a way to compensate for it. Not kill it to where it never exist again.

E3, Nintendo whatever its called, etc.

Well I don't really watch these anymore. I mean If I actually went to these events I'd be more interested. But I feel its a waste of time to watch on TV/internet. I mean I'm not playing the game. I'm watching or really waiting for hours for an announcement or trailer to try and appeal to me. I rather be in person for such an event. Not sit in my room watching a screen. Yeah. I rather just wait for the trailers and screenshots of what's being shown. Makes more sense to me. Then you can see what you want to see instead of waiting a work day for something to happen. Besides that it's hard for me to get excited unless its a definite actually will happen thing. I've seen too many games get the boot at the last minute. 

Games and Stuff in the next post: