Thursday, June 30, 2016

Youtube Update June/July 2016 The Laundry List of Things to Do For Youtube (Besides the Obvious)

So a talk with the manager on how to improve things in my channel and I have a laundry list of things to do for it.  As Usual I wish I had help for these things cause this is a lot of work. Not sure if anyone really notices.  One thing that's overlooked.  I had this channel since back in 2006. So this is long before partnerships were a thing. I didn't partner till like 2010-2011.  So there's a lot of work to do...sigh...

I managed to summarize it since it was a long PDF file to read and understand.

Edit Channel Banner

  • Add text of type of content, upload schedule, 
  • Fix title
So I just literally changed the banner. But now I need to change it again. I never really liked how most banners looked. Especially when some designer does it. When they do it I just feel its boring. Just a logo and links to social media.  Then the other half is just some random picture a person pulled off google. In other words no effort. 

Channel Trailer

I remember there being a video where someone talked about no channel trailers are needed. Now I'm thinking that very person is just selfish and wants everyone else to fail. Who knows. His videos and his commentary sure show it though.

Anyway I don't know what to do for a channel trailer at this point. I'm not exactly creative in that department.

Channel Description

  • Names of games?
  • Subscribe link, Social Media Links
The first one I don't really get but doesn't my description already contain the social media links? Last I checked it did. Names of Games? I rather play all types that aren't Rated M.  Kinda rough to name every single one.


  • Fix Card Teasers (This will take forever)
  • Use Popular tags in descriptions (be discreet)
  • Edit subscribe link
  • Custom Thumbnails (This will take forever)
  • Info Cards on All Videos (This will take forever)
  • Annotations at the end


  • Engage in comments
Easier said than done. The thing about my comments is that 80% of them are either spam, hey sub4sub, or a random question about where they can download the game at for free. The other 20% is random stuff I have no idea how to respond to. Honestly I feel like I chase comments away. It's rare that I'll find a comment that actually has something to do with the video. Oh well...what can ya do...

I'm also thinking that the reason why certain people are so popular is due to LiveStreams. And you guys know my thoughts on LiveStreaming at this point. I don't feel like explaining that. 

Ugh....this will take forever. If anyone has seen the amount of videos I have then you know how long this will take.  I'm not big on tags in my descriptions. That got me in trouble before. Thanks to a technicality its actually against YT policy.  Damn technicalities. 

I don't really like having annotations at the end either. First off the audience that watches don't really stick to the end of the video. They're usually gone in the first 3 minutes according to analytics. At the same time thinking about how I approach outros. I just don't care for em. Especially since the videos they put in the outros are well not my taste at all.

While it doesn't look like a lot. It really is. And I gotta start somewhere. Not to mention that I also have to budget the money. There's steam sales, PSN sales, probably Xbox Live sales, sales all around. And taking advantage of them is difficult. 

Games I'm Planning On

Mighty No.9

Yeah I heard all the reviews. Guess what. I don't care for em. A lot of these reviews (roughly 85% of them) I can easily rule out since its biased heavily on either: 

A: how that person was majorly disappointed cause they gave money to a Kickstarter and the game didn't come out how they wanted it. 
B: Graphics - Do I need to talk about where I value Graphics on my list?
C: It's compared to Megaman and since its not Megaman now its time to point out and over-exaggerate every flaw of the game like almost every other game.

Yeah I don't have time for that. After all those people are not me. My list of things I'm looking for in a game far differs from everyone else's.  I actually been wanting to play this game since the whole delay of its release. I'm not looking at this as some Megaman Clone. After all if I was then I'm satisfied with Azure Striker Gunvolt and many others. 

Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Good luck trying to get this. Very few physical copies. And a price tag that makes me go -_-.

Skylanders SuperChargers: Land Action Racing Pack

Still hunting for the trophy by itself. I might just have to settle for the pack. I heard that skylanders are gonna be cheap for the weekend anyway.

The Remaining Ratchet and Clank Games

Difficult to get for cheap. A lot of cases its download full price or risk getting a game without a case.

The Sly Cooper Collection

Definitely something I've been looking at. I only played the game at my cousin's house once upon a time ago. 

Dragonball Xenoverse

No not cause Xenoverse 2 is around the corner. I'm gonna have to get a new console to play that one anyway. But I've been waiting for this one for awhile and just no luck.


Don't care for the argument that "Overwatch is better." Don't really care for that. Overwatch isn't that memorable to me. I'd get both if possible. But I wanna play Battleborn.

Other Products Planning on Getting

Newer Videocard:

 I've mentioned before I need to update my videocard. I have to if I intend to play certain games.

Wii U: 

Well for Pokken and a couple of other games.

3DS Capture Card: 

Be easier to record games with that. Just wish it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

DS Capture Card:

 Well since 3DS Capture Card is way too pricey and out of reach. This is more reasonable. and I have more DS games I haven't opened anyway.

PS3 Six-Axis Controller:

 I need one. For one certain games I own make use of the Six Axis. 2 the one I have is malfunctioning. 


Well out of the consoles. PS4 is only appealing due to the exclusives. 

3DS Amiibo Sensor:

 Cause I don't have a Wii U. Better to get one of these and make use of my Amiibo. 

So that's about it. Not much else to talk about. There's many playthroughs coming and I'm not sure on a schedule yet. I'll let you know when I get things together. I have a lot of work to do and time to get back to it.