Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Ideal Video Upload/Release Schedule WIP

Writing out an uploading/release video schedule for the channel.

Roughly 3 - 5 Videos a Day.  Complaints about too many videos better really make a solid argument with proof to back it up. I'm tired of this complaint especially from those that don't even watch the videos in the first place.  (You know who you are.)

All Non-Commentary Videos are uploaded in the quality they were recorded in. So if it was recorded in 720p then it will be in 720p. (If I can help it. Sometimes the converter likes to cut corners making the video something like 706 x 1240. Which forces Youtube to downscale it to there next resolution under it.)  If the video was recorded in 1080p. Then it is uploaded in 1080p.  I will not force upscaling like how some people do with either emulators or there video editing software.  Stretching the game further than its original quality actually makes it look uglier IMO.

Commentary Videos will be scaled down to 720p (unless the quality was originally lower than that). This saves a lot of stress on me when it comes to editing and rendering. Having to leave the PC on all night to render commentary videos is a pain and makes me lose sleep.

All Based on Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Weekdays - Monday - Friday  

Features: The Long Games/Games that can have more than just a few videos.

  • 9AM
  • 12PM Noon
  • 9PM

Weekends - Saturday, Sunday

Features: Different games. Preferably the Shorter ones.  One-offs, One Time playthroughs, Unedited runs (We'll see).

  • 9AM
  • 12PM Noon
  • 9PM

Possible Considerations

  • 12AM Midnight

Other Things Worth Mentioning

No More Unlisted Videos

There will be no more Unlisted Videos. I left the videos unlisted so that anyone that wants to watch/binge watch videos and doesn't want to wait for the next one to be released they can view through the playlist. However there were very few, if any taking advantage of this feature and thus felt like a waste of time.

Alt Channel

When things have settled down and I have things in working order. The other channel will feature generally non-gaming things. Or miscellaneous videos. Still working on this so no ETA as of yet.

Requesting Games

Outside of M rated titles. I will consider doing playthroughs of games. At the same time please understand that If I don't have the money/game/console. Then I can't play it. It's not simple to just drop $70 online or at my local game store and immediately play whatever game. Also if I have no interest in it I'm sorry. 

List of What's To Come and Distant Future Releases:

Lists what will come up either sooner or later. Based on release dates, how I feel, and how much time it takes to play.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mighty No.9 Last Thoughts

Mighty No.9 Last Thoughts

My first review was after I played through a few stages. So after beating the game. This is the review after the game is done. No I haven't done the Ray DLC. I'll likely do it next month. Assuming money is good. (I really wanna get a Wii U, PS4, Skylanders, Etc.)

I already talked about how this game was unfairly judged cause people threw money into a Kickstarter and expected gold to come out. It doesn't work that way. Unless you have a say so and I mean a real influence on the game (This is far more than Kickstarters typically allow). You're essentially doing a crap shoot and hoping something will be gold. That's like digging in your backyard and expecting to find Gold or Oil upon digging. What are the chances of that happening? So now I'm gonna talk about my end thoughts after beating the game. Although you probably already left cause I'm saying something different from what you want to hear. Sorry to be cynical but that's how I feel.


I already talked about the graphics and how I don't care about the technical aspects of graphics. What I care about is how the characters and backgrounds look.  Is it memorable or not?  These designs (save the Robot Factory and Final Boss) are memorable. I mean I barely put into my mind that, "Oh this character looks like this guy from insert game here." I'm not thinking oh Beck is Megaman or Call is Roll. Cause really there's very little similarities unless you nitpick details.  Same idea for the stages. I'm generally thinking back to certain areas of Mighty Gunvolt that used Mighty No.9 stages here and there.

I brought  up how the stages are generally interesting. And really it's at the point of well what the hell else can we do to try and make the stage unique? I mean we're at the point of it's rather difficult to come up with something completely unique without someone making a comparison to another game that's done something like it.

Really I appreciate that these stages use various tropes/gimmicks that generally went out of style either cause of being too hard or it was overused at the time. I haven't seen the traversing across traffic via jumping on cars (outside of Mighty Gunvolt) in a long time.  Ascending a skyscraper via air currents, running through the "Capitol Building" avoiding gunfire. Heck the last time I saw an oil refinery with the obvious fire + oil trope was "Megaman Powered Up's" Oilman's stage.  The only stages where it could use something different or a bit more effort would be the Waterworks,


Here's where I slightly differ from my initial statement. Yes the game is good and has its unique spin on things. You could sit there and try to compare to games like Megaman. But then you might as well go ahead and compare it to every other game. I mean I can compare this to Azure Striker Gunvolt, ARES EX, Strider, etc to this game.

Now what I don't like is a difficulty scaling at times. There's stages where the game just shoots up the difficulty suddenly. That and the unforgivness of the game. You game over you go all the way back to start and well...you'll hate yourself and likely walk away for awhile to take a breather and calm down. I understand things like the final stages. But I think there's maybe a bit too much instant death stuff lying around in the stages. And those sections alone are pretty much, "Do it right or die." I'm glad there's a setting to change the amount of lives you start with. Cause I needed time to adjust.

I don't like how Patch will randomly decide whether or not to help you out. I would say its based on how much you suck. But it's not. Cause there's times especially the final boss. Where I went I could pull this off if I had a recovery item. But Patch decides, "Nope Git Gud TROLOLOLOLOLOL!!!" (Patch is the little robot that pops up at certain checkpoints and hands you items unless you turned him off.) This made certain fights a lot more harder and videos longer than needed to be.

Another disappointment and I have an issue with this in a lot of games. Some more than others. How useless some of your power-ups are. Generally this falls into 2 or 3 categories for me.

  1. You get this power-up either so late or it just falls into a useless category cause there's no where else to use it. In the game that essentially you get to use this power-up maybe 2 times before you finish the game. Zelda does this a lot (remember that mirror shield).
  2. The power-up you acquired gets quickly outclassed by everything else there's no point in using it unless you just force yourself to (Fighting games do this.). Megaman does this.
  3. This power-up is either a joke or given to you as either DLC or post game.

Mighty No.9 falls into the 2nd category. I found myself using Brandish, Battalion, and Aviator throughout all the stages. The rest of them even normal Beck were pretty much useless once I got these 3.  I generally either forced myself or was forced to use a different form for whatever reason. That's how powerful/useful those 3 are alone. The rest of them are so situational or just why bother territory that they might as well not even be in the game.

A lot of people online tried to dissect the game and say which form is useful for which boss. But really, just use the overpowered ones. I don't think there are weaknesses for bosses in the game.

***As a side note I didn't like how right before the last stage and the last stage itself. The conversation dialogue puts in different color letters and practically stresses it that "Only Beck can defeat the last boss." So that led me to think. Hmmm...I guess that means all the other forms are useless and the boss will take no damage from them or Beck's normal form will do tons of damage.  Nope. Wrong. Honestly why have dialogue like that?

Another thing I have to bring up again. Is how everything you need to know is in the Tips section. The Tips section is found under the Option settings. Which not too many people actually bother with when it comes to games especially Day 1. While it's nice to list what all the power ups do and all the other modes. There really should be some sort of real tutorial or at least an obvious spot to list the controls and what not. How am I supposed to know that I can go even lower to the ground during a dash by holding down and that I would have to use it. The game doesn't bother to bring this up until I reach the Power Plant where I'm in a situation where I have to use it. And you have to stand there a few seconds in the spot where you have to use it before the message appears.  The game essentially "throws you to the wolves" to a degree expecting you to just automatically figure things out on your own.

If I'm to compare this issue to other games of this genre. Here it is.

  • Megaman Series Outside of that fan game Megaman vs Street Fighter has instruction manuals on how to play. X5 even has a training stage. X6 - X8 made the first stage a tutorial stage. But these games are decades old. So this might be unfair.
  • Azure Striker Gunvolt not only gives you controls that you can figure out how to utilize them on your own. But has an instruction manual. You have to download it but one exists. 
  • Strider 2013 (or was it 2012?) lets you know how to use your new found abilities as well as the ones you have right away. You can even pause the game to review them. 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 both episodes have a blatantly obvious menu category that says "how to play."
  • Even the 2D Castlevania games have instruction manuals or a How to Play section. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair has a "How to Play" section in main menu. 
Point I'm trying to make here is don't throw the controls you need to know buried under the Tips section which is under Options. It's like you don't want people to play your game.

As a side note. I still don't know how these "pro-players" are able to pull off such tricks like Dash Canceling and other such tricks. They told me how to do it but there answers are so vague I might as well mash buttons and try to figure it out.

Story (Spoilers)

The story is simple. I'm glad it doesn't take place in the city of Japan like say virtually EVERY OTHER GAME IN EXISTENCE!!! The game quickly lays down the groundwork of what's going on, why this is happening, and who's who.

Now a lot of people I find comparing this story to be copy/paste Megaman series. But seriously I don't see a Dr. Wily. I don't see a Sigma. I don't even really see a Dr.Light or Roll.

You can go out on a limb and say Megaman/Megaman X and Beck are the same.  But they're different. Megaman wasn't built to fight at the start then wanted to fight to save everyone. X already was fighting to begin with and doesn't know his full potential, as well as only wanting to do what's necessary. Not using excessive force.

Beck was already designed with combat capabilities along with the ability to improve himself. But always reluctant to fight unless ordered to. Even Call questions why Beck was designed with such extraordinary combat abilities but doesn't want to fight while she herself has next to no combat abilities, but doesn't care about destroying others.

Dr. Blackwell. Wrongfully arrested cause he stopped Graham from being stupid and turned off Trinity before a catastrophe could happen. Quietly sits in prison pissed off and obviously has played games or seen anime where robots have free will and how things turn out. 
Dr. Blackwell can't be compared to Wily unless I'm missing something here. He was arrested not cause he was terrorist. But because Graham didn't like that Blackwell turned off the incredibly powerful unstable robot before it could create a catastrophe. And he's just sitting quietly in prison. Pissed off but not doing anything.

Dr. White (William White) Or really Bill Blackwell. Created the Mighty Numbers and Trinity. Claims robots with free will and the ability to evolve will work. 
William White is the guy who's motives I question. Creates essentially 10 Mighty Numbers. All with free will and all that. Changes his name cause of his big mistake. Then when others talk down to him. He gets pissed off. Blackwell is right to worry about Beck. He already saw the disaster Trinity caused twice. But what does Dr. White do he walks off going I'll prove to you that I am right and then you'll see. Like a whiny kid.

So ummm...compare these characters to Megaman characters for me?

  • Dr.Light creates Megaman and Roll as well as other robots and they turn out alright. 
  • Dr.Wily is at a stretch jealous of Dr.Light and wants to prove that he can make better robots than him. Essentially becoming a Terrorist.
Graham who pretty much gets away with only being scolded for being stupid.
Okay enough getting sidetracked here. The one thing in the story I don't like that's essentially missing. What about Graham? If he didn't get stupid and turn on Trinity for the sake of making money. None of this would've happened. What I'm asking is what about him? Are we just gonna let him get off with his only punishment being a scolding from Dr. White? That part of the story essentially has no closure. Other than that the story is fine. They revealed the source of all the calamity in a decent way.
0It wasn't some big random "HAHA! I'm the true last boss" deal. What I mean is... The true final boss and big bad evil guy doesn't suddenly show up at the last minute to tell you that they're behind everything and now you have one more fight.


I mentioned this problem before. And its still the same. The music balance and sound effects is way out of whack. I can barely hear the music over everything else. It's not as bad as Megaman X Collection that has this same problem. But it's still a problem. I had to dig up the soundtrack to actually hear the music. The music is good. I pretty much like the boss theme. I haven't listened to the whole OST yet but I can say that much. I would say I have a hearing problem but like I said I can barely hear the music over everything else. I can hear the voice acting and the sound effects perfectly fine. The BGM. No. This needs to be fixed.


This game isn't bad. But it's not gonna win any academy awards. It's your general 2D platformer shooter that has a rather unforgiving difficulty scaling. I don't like how there's no real instruction manual and all the stuff is placed over in the "Tips" section located under Options.  Even if its a download title. You should have some form of instructions explaining everything.  Not just pray that the player decides to look at the option menu and figure it out for his/her self. For 20 bucks it's well worth it at least for me. If you're one those expects pure perfection day 1 and over-exaggerate every single flaw. Then don't bother.

Will You Do the Ray DLC?

I won't do it right now. Possibly next month. I don't have the money to download the Ray DLC. So unless I get money early I can't do it till next month. Even then we'll see. Cause I want to save up for a new console and other things.

Commentary version soon....

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Buck Demo: Patch Update

Buck Demo Patch Update

Ok so last I went over this. I talked about how much I like the voice acting and the setting. A lot. I did have complaints about how a dude can block a shotgun to the face. But can deal with it.  The one thing I brought up was the lack of melee combat

So this update. Addressed Melee combat. There's not much to talk about here as this is generally the update.

So now we have melee combat. We have combos. Sorta. So there's 5 different commands for combos. I could generally only get 2 to work in actual combat. 3 to work outside of combat.
So we have a your typical light and heavy attacks. I'm not expecting Devil May Cry, God of War, etc. I mean for games like this I'm generally thinking something like. Ratchet and Clank, Dead to Rights, True Crime, and to a stretch Phantasy Star Online. stuff like that. What I mean is that okay I have guns. But now I have the option not to waste bullets and just beat the crap outta of the guy.  This is a nice option to have. It adds the thought of "how should I handle this?" Do I wanna fight it out? Or should I just blow them all away.

This is why I love not using a strategy guide for games. If I see videos or read a guide/walkthrough of a game. I know what to expect and know how to deal with it. The using my brain part to figure things out is now removed. Which is why tons of people on YouTube always post hate comments about someone's gameplay cause that person didn't play the game the suggested way that's listed on someone's website.

Okay let's get off that tangent and go over the melee. So I have 4 combos. 2 of them require that I go into a stance. I couldn't get the stance combos to work. At least not in combat. I tried and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Maybe if there was a demonstration I'd know. But I do have Combo 1 and Combo 2. These were effective enough to actually save my bullets.

Just 1 issue. I didn't exactly have opportunities to utilize, let alone practice my combos. The problem that came up was that there happened to be a shotgun guy creeping up on me while I beat the crap out of some other unlucky guy. So this forced me to take damage or stop trying to punch guys to change my focus of melee combat back to my guns. This was rather annoying cause there apparently is a combo where you use your guns in it and every time I tried it. That combo either never came out or I got my head rearranged for trying it.

Needless to say it's nice that melee is there. So I don't have to waste bullets. But in this demo it's rather annoying that my opportunities for melee right now are small. What I noted in the patch notes was that they removed ammo from enemies. I rather disagree with this to an extent. While I understand it should be insanely hard to get ammo in this kind of setting. I think it would make sense to leave the guys with guns with ammo since they have guns.  It would be a stretch to say, cut the amount of ammo they have cause they attacked. I mean that would be cool but then annoying at the same time. I don't want it to be too realistic.

Another thing I found was a hidden area that was truly hidden from me that I never found last time. I don't know if this was there before or not. But this was truly hidden. I mean classic hidden behind the foreground objects type stuff. I just randomly pressed down and noticed Buck was in his ladder climbing animation.  So I figured why not. It's either a glitch or something else. Saw an area that made me go...whoa. Yeah I don't wanna be in the sewers.

Anyway that's my thoughts on the patch. Hopefully the combat will be polished. We'll see.

PS3 Controller Issues Again -_- = Just can't seem to get a WORKING CONTROLLER

So not counting the piece of crap corded controllers. This is the 3rd controller to malfunction on me. In the span of the past 3 weeks. (Not that anyone will care or notice cause people don't watch those videos.)

The first one I had for years suddenly decides to hit random buttons. I would try to hit the reset button on it but that mentioned button is gone. It lasted years, barely used it. And now it decides to pull this stunt. (Only used it for 3 games the rest I used a converter).  -_-

2nd One. I bought off Ebay almost 2 weeks now. Supposed to be brand new (despite the box being beat up and opened).  This one won't even connect. It obviously has power. But doesn't connect. Luckily got a refund for this one and the guy said I didn't have to send it back.

So I went ahead and opened it after that. The plastic contact sheet or whatever is messed up. There's a nice scratch on it. So this thing gets power but doesn't know what to do with it.

3rd one I finally caved. I don't have 50 - 60+ dollars to spend on a new controller. Not to mention I want to have Odin Sphere and a bunch of other games done. So I bought a 3rd party. But 3 days later it starts malfunctioning too. Suddenly losing connection and reconnecting.. It's not a battery issue.

Sigh....Really hate this. Especially when I'm trying to save money.

Take a guess at which one is which.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Wartech: Senko no Ronde - Now I control the bullet hell!

This was one of my "I'm interested in this game titles." I saw random gameplay of this on youtube. It actually is pretty good. At the same time, this is a game with a small audience cause the majority will say, "Oh, it's another one of those anime fighters." This is why a lot of games with actual potential don't make it. Especially in the US. So if you didn't tell by the title. This is a bullet hell/Touhou/Grid fighter/anime fighting (whatever you wanna call it. I just said most of the titles right there) game. It's a fighting game. That actually does something different. If you're not already gone because of the first couple of sentences then okay read on.

So first off the Box art for this game is kinda decieving. I mean I look at the back of the box and see this to be something like Raiden Fighters or some other SHUMP game. If I didn't already know about the game then I would've been turned off awhile ago. But I already saw this game in Japanese. And gameplay on Youtube. And the front cover of the box looks like you're typical robot to save the world thing. This is one of those don't judge a book by its cover type games. I mean Mobile Light Force 2 was truly deceptive since the game is actually called Castle Shikigami and the girls that are on the front cover are no where to be found. And a title like "Mobile Light Force 2" along with that cover makes me think that it's some sort of adventure platformer with an insanely small budget.

Story Um...What???

This game has a story. But when I booted up the game I went WTF??? Seriously. I couldn't make sense of it. It talks about how mankind left Earth cause some kid was crying for over 100 years and they couldn't take it. That must be one loud baby. I know I'm missing a lot of information here but I feel that this is one of those you can't make sense of the story unless you have the instruction manual and there's probably another game that either came before this or it explains this game. Then they established that mankind is now living in space. But what does this have to do with why I'm fighting in the first place? So I start story mode. I still can't make sense of the game's plot. However this game does something I like with story mode. It uses the formula:

  1.  Witty Banter
  2.  Fight
  3.  Witty Banter
  4.  Next Stage
  5.  Repeat until the end...

Seriously why can't fighting games stick to this for there story modes?  Now its just let's talk for hours then maybe we'll fight. Oh and it's not gonna be with the character you want to use. I hope you know how to use him/her/it. I hate this way of story telling. First off it's like they're trying to force a movie on you. 2nd I'm still left in the dark on information about a certain character I may have taken an interest in.


  • Blazblue Chronophantasma: So uh Taokaka is the strongest of the clan and is on a trip with Ragna. They reach the city and poof Taokaka is gone from the story for good. No she wasn't killed. She just ran off and found food. Bullet gets one fight and dissapears (she later get's her own story to explain some of her origins but that's it. Also she still only has one fight). 
  • Street Fighter V: So we establish that Ibuki, R.Mika, and Urien are in the story. But they don't do anything. Urien shows up for 1 fight then disappears. As if that's all he was paid for. Alex has 2 scenes 1 of which doesn't make any sense and you don't even play as him. 
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax: Ok so for one if you never played Persona 3 or 4 you won't know most of the character's backgrounds. At the same time. Any of the characters that were in the first game get no background story basically telling you, "Hey go play the other games." 

I hate this. It turns me off from being interested in the game's plot and makes me flip a coin whether to speed through story mode or to not even bother with it.

Anyway this game's story mode may do what I like. But I still can't make sense of it. The first story I play which the character's actually a dude to my surprise he has that feminine look (More on that later). His name is Mika. So the first few stages sounds like he's on a mission to stop someone or something.

During the fights the characters are still talking to each other. I don't mind it since 1. It's not distracting to gameplay. 2. It still plays to the witty banter formula. The game I beat the last boss and apparently he went against orders. Although Mika saved the day the military will think that he pulled an act of treason. So Mika leaves the military.

Um...what? I look up a guide which I should've done in the first place. Apparently there's certain fights where I'm supposed to let the characters talk it out. Not only that but I'm supposed to let them entire B.O.S.S. Mode. (explain later).  So that means there's more than 1 ending for each character and I have to meet the requirements.  This is kinda of an outdated thing to do. I mean the last time I had to do this was in Guilty Gear. Where I had to either finish with an overdrive, instant kill someone, or let time run out.  It's kinda annoying but that's better than being forced to sit down for hours, barely playing the game at all cause everyone needs to talk. Needless to say I can't figure out this story. I missing a lot of information here and doubt I'll get any.

I know what I just describe may be promoting to have more story modes like SFV, Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, etc. But Wartech is simply just a bad example of what I like. If you want a better example take a look at Psychic Force 2012, Guilty Gear X2, Early Blazblue titles, and Tekken 5. They did it right.

Graphics - I Can Actually See Stuff

Well of course the graphics look good. I'm not gonna get all technical about it cause I don't care about the technical aspects of it. Anyway the main thing here is I can see. I say this cause its a bullet hell game and the way I describe "Bullet Hell" You're the dot. You're objective is to shoot big dots at the even bigger dot over there and avoid all the other dots. Yeah this is my usual complaint when it comes to anything with Bullet Hell in it.

(Touhou 8 - Imperishable Night) Okay WHERE THE HELL IS MY CHARACTER?!
The character designs are totally the kind of things you see in Bullet Hell games.  The mech's are designed somewhat weird compared to your standard "I obviously have more than enough artillery to kill you" type mechs. But they're unique.  Not really memorable at least until you unleash B.O.S.S. Mode. When you do that you turn into one of the many SHUMP bosses you'd normally see. Now this I remember. Especially since now they all look unique to each other. You have one that turns into a giant sword. Another one with the obvious you should come in here if you want to take shots at me but when you do I'm shooting this FU laser.

Another thing make note of is the character portraits. If you're one of those people that have trouble telling the difference between a guy or girl in an anime. You'll have trouble here too. Most of the guys look like girls and you might just say its girl until you look at his/her bio. This follows the anime rule of if it has boobs, then its female, if it doesn't, then its male.


This is actually some relaxing techno music. It fits the game. When I listen to it I think of Raystorm. This something I should add to my list of soundtracks when I'm doing stuff. Can't really say much else on it other than I should look it up.


Now first off I didn't read the book till my 2nd gameplay. Which was a mistake. I thought this game would have a command list of sorts but it doesn't. Thankfully the guide has em. You have 3 generally attacks, a Dash button, guard, Overdrive and BOSS Mode. Now I got through the first couple of fights easily with just basic controls. But I didn't know about special moves so I was stumped at least until I started entering random commands. Even then I was having trouble. You're attacks have an ammo count. Once they're out of ammo you have to wait and let them recharge. And with me spamming and mashing like an idiot I kept dying.

B.O.S.S. Mode is a game changer. Since now you're turn into a giant mech and have bullets even greater bullet hell abilities than before. But you can still die in this mode. Now there is a strategy behind this. You want kill your opponent but they have a BOSS Mode available to use. So you activate yours and try to kill them so they won't use it on you as a last resort.  The general strategy of the game is to make inescapable situations for your opponent. Make an effective Bullet Hell.

During story mode and bonus stages of Score attack. You can't use Boss Mode against bosses. So you just have to survive. Which can get rather rough.  I guess this is my main problem here. There's certain attacks I want to use but it's very hard to control the direction I want to shoot it. This gets on my nerves especially when its crucial I try to land these attacks cause now I'm shooting in the wrong direction and now I'm pretty much dead.


Now I didn't try the online. Cause I don't have Xbox Live Gold. But I doubt there's many people if at all playing this cause one this game is old. And the fact that this game already has a small audience to begin with. So like Under Night In-Birth, Blazblue, Virtua Fighter, Virtua-On, etc. You'll be lucky to find someone playing this game. And if they are they're probably gods at the game. This game's learning curve is about the same as you're typical scrolling shooter. You learn how to avoid attacks and land you're own.

This game is okay. Not great but doesn't suck either. The only chance this game will get some actual publicity is through one of those "Mystery Game" tournaments. I do wish I could make sense of the story better cause like I said. I have a feeling that this is one of those games where you either need the instruction manual or you need to have played a previous game. Anyway if you want different spin on bullet hell games. Then go ahead and try this one. Otherwise you'll probably forget about this game's existence.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mighty No.9 Demo - So Uh What was Wrong With this Game?

Mighty No.9 Demo - So Uh What was Wrong With this Game?
Console: Xbox 360 Version
Price Tag: $20.00 USD

Okay I wanna get this out the way right now. This should eliminate about 70% of readers of this post. I did not put money into the Kickstarter. I didn't have money to put into the Kickstarter. So I will likely never understand the pain you guys feel about this game.  This was one of my rather anticipated games that I wanted to play.  So I might come off biased. I might be blind. But I'm just letting you know right now. How I view games is far different from the majority of how others view games.

So wow this game has a demo. The PC version doesn't have a demo...why? I don't think the PS3 version has a demo either... So like most downloadable titles this demo version is actually the full game but you need to pay to unlock the full game. 1 Gig isn't that bad in size. I expected way bigger and much longer download times.

So the first thing I take a look at is the options. Got your Gamma, V-Sync whihc I never know what that's for. Bloom which if I remember right makes everything shiny, sometimes too shiny.  Audio options rather unique that there's a Retro BGM option to play 8-Bit themes instead.  Nice touch. Other options Voice languages. Got english, french, and japanese.  You can even set how many lives you have. Oh boy. That takes me back to the days I played TMNT: Turtles in Time on the SNES. I would turn the live setting up so I could actually beat the game. One cause my cousin was a dick back then and would purposely waste continues to get me killed quicker.  2 Cause that game is hard, I'm blind as a...mole (lol) and I'm a glutton for punishment.  I think I see where this game might be going.


So the gameplay. Hmmmm...not bad. Actually this opening gives me reminders of "Megaman: Powered Up!".  I can already point out a few issues but these are minor. Ok so this guy can't climb up walls instead he can hang on ledges.  The shooting and dash through enemies thing is something to adjust to as well.  I actually have Azure Striker Gunvolt vibes here. Since in that game you want to setup the highest combo/chain possible so you can get the best score.  The way some enemies are group already show this to me. Did Beck just data drain an enemy?

Where's An Instruction Manual When I Need One?

So what irks me here is that the controls outside the tutorial are placed in the "Tips" section of the game. This is after you beat the first stage. It wouldn't even come to mind to even bother checking this till later on. For one I would think the tips would be something that the game already told you and you can look up again in case you forget. Another thing is that if you pick the challenge modes. The game doesn't tell you jack squat when you press (back button) to see the tips. It tells you that this is a challenge mode. Nothing else.

Here's why it bothers me. Reason 1. I'm running through challenge mode up until #6 (or #7) pretty much to adjust to controls. What I'm not told. Is that using the dash function there's different kinds of dashes. So I'm sitting here stuck at this one point dying constantly cause every time I dash I hit the instant death trap instead of sliding completely under it. I noticed a few times in between my stream of deaths that I almost passed under it completely. So there's something I'm obviously missing but what?

I eventually looked up a video and saw a person do that perfectly. I tried asking questions but got stupid answer of "practice". Would be nice to know what you're pushing so I know what to practice. So again I'm on my own. The most I figured out was that it's doable. After about 10 more deaths I figured out that I'm supposed to hold Down on the D-Pad while Dashing so I can pass under.


Don't know whether to be pissed off that the game could kindly tell me before trying this or that the game lists these kinds of "extra actions" as it calls it under the tips menu. This is why it would be nice to have an instruction manual instead of some random tutorial that only tells you the basics.

I would get over this except for the fact that the game doesn't really tell you how to switch forms. I'm apparently able to switch between 2 different forms quickly. The other 6 I have to perform manually or pause the game and change it via options. I know that my B button here allows me to switch one form. But what about the 2nd preset one? Oh no that's maped under R3.  Would love to have an instruction manual right now. Not some tips menu to tell me things that should be placed in an instruction manual. This isn't the only game that does this level of BS. There's many others so Mighty No.9 isn't a special case.

Level design so far consists of things I haven't seen in awhile in platformers. Or really things that went out of style. This isn't a bad thing. After all I think some of the stuff in action platformer games today is literally hand holding/babying me. I've only did 4 stages so far. (3 Bosses beaten).  Jumping Cars carefully or die if you land on the street. Ascending a tower and making use of the air current to help you keep afloat. Abuse of Conveyor belts with boxes.  I haven't seen this kind of stuff in awhile.

Bosses are generally a decision of when to risk or when to keep away. Often times I find myself having to take risk if I hope to even get some damage in. I find it rather funny the bosses have quotes for when you die. That hasn't been around since Megaman ZX Advent last I remember it. The bosses themselves might be pretty easy. It's really the risk taking part however. I have difficulty choosing when to attack and when to run. I am glad however these bosses are easier than they were in Mighty Gunvolt. Mighty Gunvolt you had 0 time to react and half the time it was luck on whether or not you dodged. The other half you just say **** it and take damage, hoping they die first.


Lol. That opening. That makes me laugh. It's generally what I expect from a saturday morning cartoon.  I can see the chat might be a slight issue if I want the full story cause you can clearly speed through the stages to the point that the dialogue will have to cut off and shift to another conversation. Although I still think they would be better off doing 2D Animation for the cutscenes.


I really don't care for the graphics. I mean someone will have to sit me down and point out what's wrong with it in excruciating detail to the point that I'll fall asleep on them. I will say this. I think this game would do better with 2D sprites. I compare it to the onscreen 3D sprites to the character portraits. This game would do better in 2D sprites.


Okay so I don't have the complaint as others do about the music. My complaint is. I can barely hear it. It reminds me of the issue Megaman X: Collection had with its music where the volume was way too low for no good reason.  I think that problem exists here too. It's not as bad but its there.

Voice acting. You should know by now I don't care about that. The lines are pretty good for a laugh and so cliche' I love it.


So does this game demo do its job of convincing me to get it? Well...yeah. I mean I'm not ultra excited for it like I was a few years ago. But hey it convinced me. And it didn't really give me a reason to say no.

Right now I have the uploads or well releases scheduled at 12PM Eastern. Wish it wouldn't take so long to convert. The commentary version will come soon enough. Just have to render it all.